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Find out the latest information in the world of dyslexia.

  • Touch typing is the method of typing without looking at the keyboard. It is a skill that isn’t usually taught in UK schools. However, it is a vital skill that all children should learn.
  • The short film Mical has reached more than one million views since its release on 15th September 2020. This makes it the most successful film about dyslexia made to date!
  • The Dyslexia Trust is a not-for profit dyslexia charity based in Bristol. They give direct support to children with dyslexia around the world and 100% of money raised goes to helping children.
  • This is a shocking statistic and one that should be sending chills down our spines. How could the educational system have possibly degraded to this level? What is being done, or not done that is contributing to so many illiterate children?
  • Pat travelled to the US to train in Orton-Gillingham and broaden her knowledge. This, combined with the training in England, gave her new insight into multisensory structured teaching, combined with memorable strategies for study.
  • Teaching a child (or 2, or more) with dyslexia can be a time-consuming process. From actually teaching them to read, to reading their textbooks to them, to explaining maths concepts. So how can we get more done in our day-to-day homeschooling?
  • A case for reducing the need for reading and literacy interventions by preventing reading failure before it happens.
  • A dyslexia screener should not be confused with a test that measures students grade levels like DIBELS and FAST. These tests will identify students who have fallen behind, but not the reasons why.

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