Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really important to us. With this in mind, we have written this privacy policy to explain what of your personal data we collect and how it is used and stored.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all Nessy products, and services. It describes what information we collect and how it is used and shared. Our online services (which we refer to as the “Nessy Platform”) are available through the and websites. Our tablet and smartphone apps (which we refer to as the “Nessy Apps”) are available to purchase and download through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.
This Privacy Policy applies to information collected through using, the Nessy Platform and Nessy Apps held in a digital format.

What information is collected and when?

Our website uses a cookie control system which allows to you to agree or disagree to the use of cookies on the computer/device you are using to access our website. If you agree to them, you give your consent:

  • To use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about the devices you are accessing the website through such as your IP address, your operating system, your browser ID, your location, and other information about your system and connection.
  • To use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect statistical information about which pages you visit and how you interact with the site
  • When you check the log in option ‘Remember me’ cookies store encrypted log in credentials so you don’t have to enter them each time.

The Nessy Platform collects personal information from you in the following ways:

  • When you register for a free trial.
  • When you purchase a product or service.
  • When you add a student and create a learning record
  • When you request help from our support team
  • When you request any score or results to be emailed to you


If you register for a free trial or make a purchase a subscription, you give consent for the following:

  • For us to collect your email address and use it to contact you with information regarding your trial or subscription.
  • The terms and conditions for using the Nessy Platform

Information about a student’s progress through the Nessy Platform is collected whenever they interact with the program. This includes game scores, learning items the student has found difficult, when they logged in and how much time was using the platform. When a student plays an assessment game in one of the Nessy Platform applications, each question is related to a corresponding lesson, and an incorrect answer results in the lesson being automatically set for the student by the program. This feature can be turned off in the Admin area or teachers/parents can customise and set their own choice of lessons for the student.


Why do we collect information?

We collect information from the computer you use to access our site so we can:

  • Show you the correct version of the site for where you are based e.g. if you are in the UK, we will redirect you to our UK version of the site.
  • See viewing patterns such as whether multiple page visits are from an individual computer or from lots of different computers. That helps us understand what content visitors want to see and therefore gives us an idea of what we should make more of, both for this information website and the Nessy platform.
  • Tailor the learning experience to meet the needs of the individual and create a record of progress.

Our lawful basis for all of the above collection is consent. Consent can be withdrawn at any point. You can change your cookie preferences within your browser. Parents can log into the Parent Portal to review privacy agreements and opt out. If you do not consent to cookies you will still be able to navigate around the website but your experience will be negatively affected.

How do we store and share your information?

We use Microsoft Azure to store information about student learning as well as the name and email of the account holder. European customer data is stored in a Microsoft Azure data centre in Ireland and a backup of the data is stored in the UK. US data is stored in a data centre in Texas, USA. A content delivery network detects customers in other areas of the world and uses local data centres to increase performance and loading speeds but no data is stored in these locations.
We use Google analytics to collect, analyse, and store the data gathered from cookies and other tracking technologies on Google Analytics records when you take out a free trial or make a purchase, although the information is anonymous and no personal details are passed on e.g. your email address. This may mean that the data is transferred outside of the country you are based in. In all cases Google analytics comply with legal frameworks relating to the transfer of data, such as the EU-US and Swiss -US Privacy Shield Frameworks. The data processed by Google Analytics will not include any personally identifying information but will include statistical data for establishing patterns.
A record of all purchases made through our website are stored in the WordPress platform. We also use the accounting platform, Quickbooks by Inuit, to store a record of purchase orders made by schools. Purchases made by individuals are not stored in this way. Payments are facilitated by the secure digital payment platforms PayPal and Stripe. No payment information is stored by Nessy Learning.
The name and email of those who have subscribed to our email newsletter are stored in the Mailchimp marketing automation platform.
We have reviewed the privacy policies of all these third party processors and are content that they will protect your data in an appropriate way. Here are their privacy policies if you would like to review them yourself:

How long is your data kept

Your Nessy account data and student records will be retained for one year after your account subscription has expired and is deemed inactive. The data will then become anonymised. A record of financial transactions must be retained for 7 years to meet legal requirements.

Deleting the existing data we have for you

To view or modify your account data including any active subscriptions you have for the Nessy Platform, you can log in via the website. You can view or modify any student data through the Admin & Reporting screen.

If you no longer want cookies to be enabled on your device, you can block them from within your browser.

If you decide you no longer want to receive email communication you can unsubscribe at any point using the link in the footer of the email.

If you wish to delete your online account and corresponding data from the Nessy Platform, please contact us by emailing Deleting your account information will prevent any future access to the Nessy Platform. Please note that we must keep information about individual sales transactions for 7 years as this is a legal requirement.

How secure is my information?

Your personal information is encrypted and stored on secure databases that are behind secured networks. Direct access to these databases is very strictly limited and controlled. Only a limited number of Nessy employees have access to such systems. All Nessy employees are contractually obligated to respect the confidentiality of your information.

Your Rights

If you are based in the European Union, you have a number of rights under the GDPR. They include the right to be informed of how and why we collect your data, the right to access the data we collect for you, the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete data we hold on you, and the right to have us delete any data we hold on you. You can see a full list of your rights and more detail about what they mean here:

Online Safety

Nessy Learning is committed to maintaining a high level of online safety for children, parents and teachers. Nessy Learning does not allow third- party companies to advertise through the Nessy Platform or Nessy Apps, and we are fully committed to keeping the Nessy Platform and Nessy Apps free from advertising.

Nessy Learning provides, completely free of charge, a safe web browser (which we refer to as the “Nessy Browser”) that can be downloaded from the website and used to access the Nessy Platform. The Nessy Browser allows children (which we refer to as “students”) to access the full Nessy Platform whilst preventing them from accessing any content or websites other than those that are provided through the Nessy Platform. Please help ensure that students have a safe and rewarding online experience by encouraging responsible information practices. Several enhanced security features can be accessed and managed through the password protected Admin & Reports portal.

Students under 13 years will need their parent’s permission before they can create a account.

Changes to this privacy policy

If we change anything about which data we collect or how we handle it, we will update this policy to reflect that. You can see when the last time we updated our policy from the date at the very end of this policy. Please review it regularly.

If we change anything substantial or anything that could reasonably affect you negatively and we have your email address, we will contact you to let you know.

Nessy Learning is registered as a limited company in England and Wales 3845393 at Royal London Buildings, 42 Baldwin Street, Bristol BS1

Our data protection officer is called Duncan Wilkie and if you have any questions about anything in this policy you can contact us by emailing

Last updated: 18th November 2020