Privacy Notice: Parents

In signing up for our products, we need the following personal information:

About your child

We need this so we can provide the product you have purchased.

This processing is necessary in order that we can “perform” (deliver) the contract between us.

We collect this information using cookies,

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  • If you do not agree to cookies you will still be able to navigate around the website.
  • However, our services and functions will not all operate, and this will reduce or negatively affected your experience of the services.

We also collect information about a student’s progress through the Nessy Platform whenever a student interacts with the program.

This includes game scores, learning items the student has found difficult, when they logged in and how much time was using the platform.

Together this information is used to build a profile of their educational requirements and used within the Nessy platform to direct their learning and maximise the effectiveness of the program.

This means we can tailor the learning experience to meet the needs of the individual and create a record of progress. This feature known as “Target Mode” can be turned off in the Admin area or you can customise and set your own choice of lessons for your child.

Target Mode automatically guides students down a learning pathway based on the target lessons they have been set. This feature is only applicable for Nessy Reading & Spelling.

We also retain to undertake scientific or historical research purposes and/or statistical purposes.

Full details can be found on our privacy policy.

About you – payment details

We need your details so we can take your payment.

This processing is necessary in order that we can “perform” (deliver) the contract between us and for our financial records.

Details of the systems we use can be found on our privacy policy.

About you – sending you promotions and other marketing

We would like to send you details of our promotions and other marketing. We ask you to agree to this by opting in using the checkbox on the shop checkout page or when signing up to a free trial of Nessy Reading & Spelling via You can change your mind (opt-out) at any point.