Nessy across an LEA or MAT

Benefits of Nessy

Nessy's award-winning educational programs have been helping children improve their reading and spelling since 1999. Join the hundreds of thousands of schools from all over the world, that have already discovered the benefits of Nessy.

Supporting SEN

Nessy is ideal as a multi-sensory support for dyslexia so many schools begin by introducing Nessy to help their struggling students. Nessy is a low-cost solution of meeting the needs of those children who have fallen behind and it frees up teacher time. Nessy provides children with an automated, individualised program of Structured Literacy, so they can develop at their own pace. With the Nessy program taking on the one-to-one, teachers can support many more children by monitoring progress reports and jumping in only when they are alerted.

A complete literacy solution

Nessy is not just for SEN. It is a complete literacy solution. Research studies show children who used Nessy as a whole class, made gains of 30-40% in just 4 weeks compared to the control groups.  Once head teachers see the improvements in children's test scores, they usually begin using the program for general education.

A remote learning solution

Schools using Nessy coped much better with the challenges of remote teaching during school closures. When there is a staffing crisis, Nessy ensures children's learning remains consistent and immune from the disruption.

Science of Reading

Nessy is a Science of Reading based approach of Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP). The program is updated in line with what science is telling us works most effectively for the teaching of reading and spelling. If you are ready to introduce a Science of Reading curriculum to your school, Nessy is an easy way to join the most forward-thinking schools.

Price List

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