Improve reading, writing, spelling and typing skills with this helpful bundle

From $38.50 for a 3 month subscription of two of our most popular products. 

For ages 7+.


What is included

Practice is important to build reading and spelling fluency. This 3 month subscription includes of Nessy Reading and Spelling plus Nessy Fingers, encourages fluency through the teaching of phonics, reading, spelling and grammar, all reinforced by touch typing practice.

Nessy Reading and Spelling uses spelling lists that follow the Orton-Gillingham methodology. By inputting these custom word lists into Nessy Fingers for typing practice, students improve their keyboarding and spelling skills at the same time. 

How it Works

Nessy Reading and Spelling is an internet-based program developed by a team of specialist reading teachers.

Students learn through 100 independent learning lessons spread over ten engaging islands which utilize the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and spelling. Each island consists of a series of lessons with strategy videos, reinforced with games and worksheets, and teach fundamental reading and spelling skills. Lessons emphasise phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, sight words, fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension, and follow the Science of Reading.

“It was more extensive and inclusive than any other product I purchased and responsible for 100% of our reading success. It was the single most valuable product I could have come across.”

– Gail Camenzind, Home Educator

The award-winning Nessy Fingers improves touch typing, spelling, and reading. Join Team Nessy and race across 5 new Islands. There are 15 games to play. Students win trophies and earn nuggets which they trade for rewards. As they learn to type, Nessy Fingers improves reading and spelling!

 “My daughter, who is 11, has been learning touch typing now for the past 4 years and is finding it difficult due to dyslexia. She played Nessy typing last night and feels that she has learned more in the hour than she has in 4 years.”

– Loraine, Parent

Spell and Type Pack

From $38.50 for 3 months

  • 1  student licence of Nessy Reading and Spelling
  • 1  student licence of Nessy Fingers
  • 3 month subscription

Please note: You will need to complete the introductory 5 lessons in Nessy Fingers before you can start playing through your own word lists.