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Dyslexia Quest

Dyslexia quest

Dyslexia Quest

Climb the mountain and play the yeti games.

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Each game will test memory and learning skills. The Yeti Master will explain signs of dyslexia.


About the App

  • 6 games that each test a different learning ability
  • Email your results to those that need to know
  • Suggests how to make better use of your learning strengths
  • Explains what difficulties you will experience where you have a weakness
  • Three different paths up the mountain encourage you to replay games and improve your skills
  • Collect all 18 yetis


Dyslexia Facts

  • Dyslexia is a general term that does not tell you exactly what type of difficulties you have
  • Each game will test a different learning ability often experienced by those with dyslexia
  • Auditory memory is the ability to listen carefully, hold the information in the mind and recall what is heard. A difficulty in processing auditory information can prevent someone understanding what has been said
  • People with dyslexia often have a problem with holding information in their working memory. This means that a task is forgotten as soon as it is undertaken
  • Dyslexia is often characterized by a slower processing speed. This affects how quickly written work is produced or the speed of response to spoken questions
  • Sequencing skills are essential for recording information or ideas in the correct order. Many have difficulty with sequencing
  • Some people with dyslexia have a poor visual memory. An inability to create a clear mental image of a word prevents them from writing it directly from memory


This app will give a snapshot of learning abilities linked to dyslexia. A full assessment should be given by an educational psychologist.


Dyslexia Quest Screen Shots

Dyslexia Quest

Dyslexia Quest Screening Tool

Unlike the app our program is both computer & tablet compatible, allows you to store multiple student results and has more specific age ranges for a more accurate result.

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Dyslexia Explained Book

FREE. Read with your child and help them develop an understanding of their dyslexia. Look at the different types, celebrities and how your dyslexia makes you unique.

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Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

Dyslexia does not just affect reading and spelling. There are different types of dyslexia and each has its own signs. Do how best to help?

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