Chimp Fu

Learn how to chop words into syllables to become the master of Chimp Fu!

About the App

Master syllable division with Chimp Fu. Karate chop your way to the top! Video learning strategies explain the rules of syllable division. Chunk longer words into syllables, making them easier to read and spell. Chop up giant hotdogs and vegetables, then play the Gorilla Challenge!

What it includes

  • Learn six syllable types
  • Read two and three beat words
  • 9 challenging levels
  • Animated videos explain how to split each syllable

“Great app, really pleased to find something that supports syllables. Very positive response from my students who have used it. I find it works well as an activity to support work on syllables. We complete one level as a fun activity at the end of the lesson. This means we can build up slowly. Students look forward to their Chimp Fu.

So much is phonics based, so it’s lovely to get something fun with syllables. I found it had a good age range appeal. My younger ones loved it and 11 year olds, years 6 and 7, played it very happily. (probably because it was more fun than my normal activity of cutting words up with scissors). The last level is a good fit with the game syl-lab-if-ic-a-tion.”

– Cat & Jet