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Nessy Fingers Touch Typing

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Nessy Fingers is the most fun you’ll ever have learning to type. It’s Incredibly quick and easy!


“I cannot believe how much my son enjoys Nessy Fingers. I can see he has started to learn where the letters are on the keyboard, which is amazing!”
– Alison

About the program

Nessy Fingers will take you through 5 lessons covering the Home Keys and each portion of the alphabet teaching you how to touch-type. Once you’ve played the lessons there are games to reinforce learning and a typing speed test for when you’ve mastered touch-typing!

This award winning typing program is the only one that introduces keys alphabetically.
This unique approach makes learning the key positions incredibly quick and easy.

How it Works

  • There are 9 games to practise your typing.
  • Battle dragons, play penalty shootout with gorillas and roll giant snowballs at penguins!
  • As you progress you collect awards in the Hall of Fame and unlock new characters.


Nessy Fingers Touch Typing has a unique method – keys are introduced in the order of the alphabet! The huge advantage of the Nessy approach is rapid learning. It takes just 5 lessons to learn all the keys!



  • Nessy Fingers has to be installed onto a Windows computer.
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Windows XP – Win 10
  • CD version is not available outside the UK.
  • Not compatible with tablets or Mac.
  • One-time payment – recurring charges do not apply.



“It really is very simple and great fun. My 7 year old dyspraxic son doesn’t even realise we are teaching him to type…it’s a treat that he gets if he has been good.”
-Matthew, Parent

The animations are awesome…Nessy Fingers is so well set out and logical and FUN! A real winner.
– Kirsty, Parent

“I just want to express how thankful I was to receive my copy of Nessy Fingers less than 24 hours after placing my order. This is the first touch typing tutor he has tried that actually works. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in June and since finding Nessy Fingers has been working away on it every day. Thank you so very much for producing such a great product and providing the best customer service possible.”
– Clare, Parent

“This is the best typing program I have seen and feel it really encourages the children to want to succeed. A pupil said after using the program ‘we learn and have fun at the same time’.”
– Hazel, Teacher

Key Features

  • Rapid learning in just 5 short lessons
  • Swim as Nessy to set personal speed and accuracy targets
  • Type to your own tunes!
  • Import your music to play with the games
  • A wide range of options to personalise settings
  • Type using your own words
  • Colour coding to aid fast learning

Nessy Fingers Touch Typing



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Touch Typing for Kids

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