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Dyslexia Explained 4th Edition: British English

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Now in its 4th Edition with brand new pages and illustrations!

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This book helps parents understand dyslexia: the positives, the difficulties and what helps. After reading, parents can use it to help explain dyslexia to their child.

When dyslexia is unsupported it leads to low self-esteem. Learning to read and write will be much harder but dyslexia is not a fault to be ashamed of – it is part of who you are.

Every person with dyslexia needs to find the mental strength to get through school. The first step on that journey is to understand dyslexia and rediscover the self-belief and determination to succeed. People with dyslexia tend to think in pictures rather than words so illustrations are used to explain each point.

Mike Jones Dyslexia Specialist

About the Author

Mike Jones is a parent, entrepreneur and has dyslexia. At 8 years old Mike could not read or spell his own name. His mother, Pat Jones, homeschooled him and created a series of techniques that taught him to read, write and spell. Pat’s intervention transformed Mike’s ability to learn and he soon went from bottom of the class straight to the top. Their story has now been made into the film ‘Mical’.

When Mike left school, he went on to study law while Pat set up a school to help children with dyslexia. After qualifying as a dyslexia specialist, in 1999 Mike launched Nessy, an online program that included all the techniques that had helped him. Mike is the creator of all the Nessy programs. To date, more than 100,000 schools and millions of children worldwide have learned to read and write using Nessy.



Leah Heming, Illustrator

About the Illustrator


Leah Heming is an illustrator, art director, and nature guide. Leah has a dozen children’s picture books published around the world and has art-directed popular children’s TV series Driver Dan’s Story Train and worked as a concept designer on the series Numtums. Leah has collaborated with Nessy on books and videos since 2014 and is currently working on her second Nessy book “What I Need’ written by Tiffany James.

In her spare time, Leah studies plants, animals, ecology and ancestral skills. She hopes to start combining her love of nature and illustration as well as giving nature-guided walks in the near future.


“This is MARVELLOUS!!! I am sharing it immediately with my colleagues.” – Andrea Short

“It so clear and easy to understand.” – Sharon Washbourn

“It is truly brilliant.” – Kimberly Antos-Hogan. Ph.D

“Love the book. It is terrific.” – Liz Dunoon. Dyslexia Daily

“It’s terrific, all the teachers at his school now keep it in their rooms to pull out if they have struggling kids. So thank you.” – Adrienne Adams, parent


Dyslexia Explained 4th Edition: British English


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