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The Nessy Approach

Nessy programs are designed to help students of all abilities learn to read, write & spell, especially those who learn differently, including:
  • Mainstream
  • EAL
  • Homeschool
  • Students with dyslexia
Most of all, Nessy believes 'Learning happens when it's fun!'

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Information for educators on types of dyslexia, classroom identification and effective solutions. Learn how to help the 1 in 10 children with dyslexia.


Parents & Homeschoolers

Information for parents who have a child with dyslexia, an explanation of the different types, strategies to help, and key tips to remember.


Research & Testimonials

Find out why Nessy is used in ten thousand schools worldwide. Read Nessy studies, research and what parents, teachers and kids have to say about us!


Dyslexia Training

1 in 10 children have dyslexia, do you know the ones in your classroom? This 2-hour course gives a basic overview of the different types of dyslexia, how to identify them and help support struggling learners.


Dyslexia Quest Screener

This 20-minute dyslexia test provides a snapshot of learning abilities linked to dyslexia and because it’s games-based, students have fun without realising they are being assessed.


Nessy Reading and Spelling

Now in its 16th year and used by thousands worldwide, this evidence-based, Orton-Gillingham program is successfully helping children learn to read & spell. Nessy is recommended by professionals.