What is the 'Summer Slide'?

What is the ‘Summer Slide’?

Did you know that children can lose up to 3-months of learning over the Summer break?

The ‘Summer Slide’ is the umbrella term used for the loss of knowledge gained during the school year over their Summer break. Many people do not know that loss caused by the ‘Summer Slide’ is cumulative. This means that a child could lose a whole 2-years’ worth of learning over their educational journey!

Facts about Summer Learning Loss

1 Studies have shown that the Summer Slide can be detrimental to reading, spelling, and math skills, indicating a loss of 2-months of learning achievement.

★ Findings suggest that this could be due to “memory decay”, which affects fact-based and procedure-based skills (including important learning strategies). (1)

2 Low-income students are more at-risk, showing to lose more than 2-months of learning achievement compared to other income groups.

★ Findings suggest that this could be due to unequal access to Summer learning opportunities. (2)

3 Research spanning across 100 years shows that students score lower on the same test at the end of Summer vacation, compared to the beginning. (3)

4 Summer Slide loss is cumulative. This means that every 2-months lost adds up, costing children up to 2 years of learning loss all due to the Summer Slide. (4)

5 The Summer Slide affects everyone, including parents and teachers, as more time is spent fixing or “catching up” on lost skills.

★ Teachers report that it can take them up to 6 weeks to catch up on the learning lost over Summer! (5)

How to Kick the ‘Summer Slide’

The Nessy Reading and Spelling worksheets are printable and can be used anywhere.

 Nessy certificates are a great way to reward Summer learning.

Practice learning strategies in fun ways with Nessy’s YouTube videos.

Read Decodable eBooks or print them out to protect their reading skills on-the-go and in the sun.

Nessy’s Top Tip: eBooks on a tablet allow for easy packing compared to taking lots of books on vaction!

Add to this with Nessy Coloring eBooks that can be colored in for additional, memorable learning.

Finally – Have fun! Using Nessy for only 20 minutes a day is proven to have the best success against the Summer Slide.

Stop the ‘Summer Slide’ and Give Your Child a Literacy Boost

The Summer Pack, created specifically for the summer break, offers 3-month’s access to Nessy’s award-winning literacy programs at an affordable cost. Perfect for parents and homeschoolers.

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Looking for Year-Round Learning Loss Prevention?

The Home Education Pack contains the same award-winning literacy programs as the Summer Pack, but gives your child year-round access to reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and typing at an affordable cost.