Free Learning Resources

Nessy wants to support teachers and parents. Get free educational materials from Nessy to help you teach your children. Use these worksheets, flash cards, eBooks and teaching videos to support learning at home or school.

  • The Nessy approach introduces letter sounds in small groups. Use flash cards and games to learn a group of sounds.
  • Did you know there are more than 40 different sounds (phonemes) in English? The Nessy Phonic Sound pack is a great way to learn them.
  • Fantastic resources to print at home. Support the learning of multiplication tables, telling the time, develop thinking and listening, and much more.
  • Watch Nessy videos for free. The Nessy YouTube channels have valuable resources for parents, teachers and students.

Download our eBooks:

  • The Nessy founder and author, Mike Jones, wanted a simple and quick way for educators, parents and children to understand dyslexia. The full-page llustrations immediately communicate both the difficulties and the positives about dyslexia.
  • What does a dyslexic child need from their teachers to succeed? This books empowers children and their parents with the knowledge they need to self-advocate. Written by Tiffany James, Head of Educational Development at Nessy.

Just Teach Me Packs:

  • Dyslexia facts and information, printable posters to spread dyslexia awareness in your school, and global dyslexia information from dyslexia experts around the world.
  • Free Nessy resources for learning at home; phonic sound cards, printable worksheets and games (floss, magic e, CVC, prefix and suffix), and more!