How do I view or change target lessons?

To get started, log in to Nessy Classroom. Need help logging in? ​​​​​​​

 How to view target lessons 

 1.  From the  Home screen, enter the students name using the  Search Bar

➥ You can also locate your student by clicking the View all students tile in the Quick Access area

 2.  Click the  Pencil icon to view the student’s details page

 3.  At the top of the student’s details page, click the Learning Targets tab

 4.  Use the Choose Application drop-down to select the programs targets that you want to view

The page will then update with the program’s targets listed below.

 How to change target lessons 

 5.  Use the Choose Application drop-down to view the list of targets for that Nessy program.

 6.  Use the  drop-down arrow to select a new target for this student. If you’d like to delete a target, click the X button next to the target.

You can also Add a Target or Remove All Targets by clicking the options at the bottom of the list.

Once complete, click the Save Targets button to save this student’s new targets.