Mical The Film

Watch the inspiring true story of eight year old Mike and his mother Pat Jones, the founders of Nessy Learning, now made into an award winning short film.​​​​​​​

"No one who is dyslexic, or who is the parent of a dyslexic child, will be able to keep the tears from flowing."

Mary Radcliff Harnetiaux

If you have dyslexia or know someone with dyslexia you should watch this film.

An eight year old boy, who can't even spell his own name, is bullied at school for being unable to read. Based on the inspiring true story of Mike Jones and his mother Pat, 'Mical' is an emotionally charged story of Mike’s dyslexia and how Pat’s persistence and determination changed everything.

Everyone thought Mike was a lost cause. Everyone except his mother.

"People assume dyslexia is being addressed but in reality, it isn't. We want people to realise the pain that parents and children go through but also to give them hope that dyslexic children can learn to read and write. They just need to be taught in a different way. The film is about my struggle."

Mike Jones


Reactions to the film from Parents and Dyslexics


​​​​​​​"Mical should be seen by every child, school, educator, preservice teacher and policymaker. It perfectly encapsulates the frustration and struggles that those of us with dyslexia face as well as the impact this has on self-esteem. It also shows the world that dyslexia doesn’t make us lesser in any way and that when taught in a way that takes into account our differences, that we really can soar!"

Georgia Ryan, teenage dyslexia advocate

"Anyone who watches this and cannot choose to do better for dyslexics, must not have a heart.”

Julie Holmes McKinley

"When I watched this, I saw myself as a child. I also saw my son, and I could see myself again as his advocate mom. This film will strike so many chords with so many people. It's very well done...No one who is dyslexic, or who is the parent of a dyslexic child, will be able to keep the tears from flowing. This story will absolutely connect to people and change hearts. It's powerful. I've gotta dry my eyes now."

Mary Radcliff Harnetiaux

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Jayne Lunn as Pat Jones

William Biletsky as Mike Jones

Dale Grant as Peter Jones

Directed by Yewweng Ho Produced by Gordon Lewis  Executive Producers: Mike Jones, Tiffany James, Gordon Lewis, Yewweng Ho Associate Producer: Darius Shu Line Producer: Cavit Erginsoy Screenplay by Malcolm Duffy Director of Photography: Darius Shu  Edited by Struan Clay Production Designer: Elizabeth El-Kadhi Brown Costume Designer: Poppy Bell

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