Kids Love Nessy!



Eleanor sent Nessy this lovely letter.

“I love Nessy because it helps with learning and its not boring. Learning it is really, really fun. It is reading and spelling all different learning games.” Eleanor Shaw


learning success


We love that Nessy is helping Eve!

“The first time I met Nessy he was in the computer but now he is in my head and when my class are doing a big write Nessy is helping me. I just open a door in my head and Nessy is there to help.” Eve Griffin





learning with nessy


“If you are looking for a hilarious game that will also improve
your reading skills then you should try Nessy! Our class uses
Nessy every Wednesday. Last week we had a spelling test on
words with silent consonants. Luckily I had just reviewed the
lesson on silent consonants the week before on Nessy. I got
100% on my test! I love playing the games, especially because
they help me learn.” – Graciela Martinez


Lucy was helped by Nessy when she was at school and now works to help a new generation of children with dyslexia.

Lucy Ellis uses Nessy to help children learn

“At the age of 8 I found out that I had dyslexia. This really worried me as I thought people would treat me differently
and I wouldn’t fit in. Nessy helped me to overcome this fear as it gave me a lot of confidence with reading and spelling.”

– Lucy Ellis


“Nessy helps me learn English. It also helps me with spelling. We also have lots of fun. I like playing the games. My favourite learning website is Nessy.”
– Edgar Osueguera



“We get to use it once a week and you can also play it at home. Do you know you can learn how to spell humongous words? You can go to the reading section and learn how to read better. The more you play with Nessy the better you learn English. Today I worked on my reading and spelling. I learned to use a “ck” and a “magic e”. Now I am working on improving vocabulary. I’m working hard so I can learn better English and help my Mom as she has helped me.” – Maritza Quiroz


nessy effectiveness Lisa made this incredible picture to represent how Nessy helps!


“It’s the best learning website in the world! If you would like to see your school get smarter and smarter, try this! When I played Nessy I brushed up on my silent vowels and silent consonants. The first time I played Nessy it was so entertaining! I like to challenge my friend Gerardo to see who has more nuggets. When you play it you don’t even realize you’re learning.”
– Paul Davis


Nessy is helping me with my english

Erin’s letter shows how Nessy has given her renewed hope.

“Nessy is helping me with my english because it has lots of different games and fun ways of learning. I think I am slowly improving and want to play it all the time.”Erin Taylor




Dear Nessy thank you for helping me




“Thank you Nessy for helping me to read and write.”

“Dear Nessy, When I moved school I had to catch up two years
of learning to read and write. I felt very nervous starting Nessy.
I didn’t know the alphabet but all the other children already
knew how to read and write. It has been two years and now I
know how to read and write and I caught up with all the other children.
Thank you Nessy for helping me to read and write.”Nina Thompson




“This is the best learning and teaching game ever. PS.- I’m at level 5” – Keon Williams



Nessy medals are free and reward hardworking studentsHave you got a Nessy medal yet?

“I am a primary teacher, specialist dyslexia teacher and diagnostic assessor and a huge fan of Nessy! We are currently using Nessy as an intervention for many children at school with great success. I recently received one of your ‘nessy medals’. The children have gone nuts for the medal! They absolutely love it! We use the medal as a reward for the hardest working nessy student of the day and the children are so motivated by this.
Emma Caudwell and the pupils at St John the Evangelist School