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In order to make sure all children with different reading styles like dyslexia get the help they need to thrive in school Nessy has come up with 2 exclusive package deals, available to purchase for the upcoming school year!

We’re aware that schools always have to look at their budget when choosing programs but also have a duty of care to support and offer intervention to young people with low literacy skills and dyslexia.

We want to help, so we’ve put together a package to help 30 students and 15 teachers PD’s with a special discount of 20%!


The Nessy Premium Package – $2560


Nessy Premium Lite Package – $1545


You can customize your Premium Pack to your needs, swap products and change license sizes, just let us know and we’ll arrange it for you!



Both packages can be ordered through the contact form below.


Funding Information

The federal law governing special education, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), provides funding for specially designed instruction for students with disabilities and the monitoring of their progress. IDEA funds are used to provide early intervention, special education, and related services, including assistive technology and Professional Development.

  • Title I is the largest source of federal education funding of services being provided to children who are failing or at risk of failing. Schools must use the funds to help students meet state academic standards in reading and math by supplementing the existing program.
  • Title III provides funds intended to help schools supplement their language instruction programs so English language learners can gain proficiency in speaking, listening to, reading, and writing English.


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    Key Benefits of Nessy

    With the Nessy premium package you can:

    1. Raise awareness of dyslexia through ongoing teacher professional development
    2. Identify students learning strengths and weaknesses
    3. Screen for signs of dyslexia
    4. Continued use of intervention means attainments and impact can be evidenced with the program’s detailed reports
    5. You will have added incentives for children to learn
    6. Create an environment where children are screened, provided with appropriate intervention and teachers are fully trained in a short but comprehensive 2-hour course.


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    Nessy Premium Packages

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