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Dyslexia Screening

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Screen for dyslexia in as little as 20 minutes


About the Program

The first step toward helping students with reading difficulty is to identify them. At Nessy, we believe that all students should be screened for dyslexia by the age of 7 to ensure they receive the kind of support they require in the classroom. Our Dyslexia Quest screening tool provides a snapshot of learning abilities associated with dyslexia. Administered in as little as 20 minutes, its game based format motivates students to perform at their best, without even realizing they are being assessed.

The efficacy of the application has been researched thoroughly by Barry Carbol, Ph.D.

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Assessment Breakdown

Assessment game 1: Visual Word Memory

Using commonly misspelled words, hold a visual memory of a word and find the correct match.

Assessment game 2: Auditory Sequential Memory

Listen to a series of instructions and follow them in the correct sequence.

Assessment game 3: Visual Sequential Memory

See a sequence of graphic symbols and find the correct match.

Assessment game 4: Processing Speed

Match a sequence of symbols to numbers.

Assessment game 5: Phonological Awareness

Manipulate and sequence phonemes.

Assessment game 6: Working Memory

Listen, then recall a sequence of numbers in reverse order


How It Works

Students climb the six levels of “Yeti Mountain”, each offering a different test of cognitive ability from memory to processing speed to phonemic awareness. The resulting student profile allows teachers and administrators to identify students at risk of dyslexia.

There are 3 pathways up Yeti Mountain for the child to work their way up, only one pathway should be played at a time with at least a 2 month break between each turn This allows parents and teachers to compare results and monitor progress and response to intervention.


For more detail on what makes a good dyslexia screening tool you can read our article here


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Dyslexia Screening

From: $20.00 / year


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