Nessy’s Been Updated!

reading and spelling help

If you have Nessy Reading & Spelling or Dyslexia Quest, things might look a little different when you log in tomorrow. We’ve added some exciting new features and updates to both programs.


Nessy Reading & Spelling

Admin & Reports

From now on when you add a new student you must input their date of birth. In the admin area when looking at the report of any existing student without a date of birth you will be instructed to fill it in before you can proceed.


Nessy Challenges

We’ve added a new feature for our younger Nessy users. Any students added up to age 5.5 will not have to do the Nessy Challenge and will instead automatically have a 0% baseline with the first 5 lessons set as targets in both reading & spelling.


Schools: Please check with your IT technicians to make sure the domain is whitelisted.


Dyslexia Quest

There are 3 pathways up Yeti Mountain. From now on when a child chooses a pathway the other two pathways will lock automatically for 10 weeks. A teacher can turn them back on before this date in the admin area. Children will also no longer be able to see whether they’ve got an answer right or wrong as they travel up the mountain.


New Age Range

We have a brand-new age range! The age range 5-7 has now been divided so children can either be put into the age range 5.5 or 6-7. We recommend using a tablet for children in this age range as younger children have difficulty with the coordination required of a desktop which can affect the outcome of the test.

The two younger age ranges will also be given 3 new games better suited to their age.


Game One

Two of our new games require teacher help. Our new letter naming game is verbal, and you will need to sit by the child as they have 30-35 seconds to name all the letters they see on screen whilst you mark correct answers using the Nessy scoreboard.

learning letter sounds


Game Two

This game is verbal too. This is similar to game one but instead of letters the child has 30 seconds to name, out loud, the colours they can see on the board whilst you mark the correct answers using a Nessy scoreboard.

working memory


Game Three

We’ve got a fun new rhyming game! In this game the first 5 questions will give a sentence and ask you to name the word that rhymes. The second 5 questions will ask you which word starts with the same sound as the spoken word the child hears.

rhyming words


If you have any questions about the new update, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!