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Hairy Letters

Hairy Letters

Hairy Letters

Learn the names and sounds of each letter with the hairies.

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Award Winning App – Education Resources Awards 2011


About the App

Hairy Letters is the perfect first learning App for kids aged 4-6. Learn the letters of the alphabet and how to blend first words. Interact with animations and trace the letter shape onscreen with your finger.

You’ll play games to reinforce learning and build letters into simple words as the Hairy characters and funny animations make a fun and engaging introduction to literacy.

App Store top 100 best selling apps.
More than 200,000 downloads.

How it Works

  • Learn to form each letter shape with your finger
  • Play games to blend letter sounds into first words
  • Includes upper case letter names
  • Multisensory learning by UK specialist teachers
  • Letter sounds are introduced in six color-coded stages
  • 1. s/a/t/p
    2. i/n/m/d
    3. g/o/c/k
    4. e/r/h/b
    5. u/f/l/j
    6. v/w/x/y/z/qu

  • Each stage has its own game, using the letters you have learnt to build sounds into words
  • Games progress from three letter words to four and five letter words, e.g. cat, drum, sting
  • Multisensory learning is more effective by linking images to sounds and actions


Hairy Letters Screen Shots

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Hairy Phonics 1

After learning letter sounds you need to master consonant digraphs. Learn 9 phonemes : sh, ch, th, ck, ff, ll, ss, zz, ng. Ages 4-6 years.

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Hairy Phonics 2

More Hairies need your help! Introduces vowel digraphs. Learn 9 phonemes (sounds): ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, oa, oi, oy, oo. Ages 5-7 years.

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Hairy Phonics 3

The final Hairy Phonics app will help you learn vowel-r and magic 'e'. Learn 9 phonemes: ar, or, er, ir, ur, a-e, o-e, i-e, o-e, u-e. Ages 5-7 years.

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