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Nessy Super Schools

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£2,250.00 / year

Soar to new heights with Nessy!


Nessy has launched an exciting opportunity for primary schools to become Nessy Super Schools. For one flat, discounted fee all students can access all Nessy’s programs in your classroom or at home, on multiple devices with internet access.

Provide every child with unrestricted access to all of Nessy; learn touch typing, grammar, punctuation, reading, spelling and more through a series of games, videos and worksheets using our fun, online resources.

Our brand new Super School bundle is designed to provide schools with the complete suite of Nessy programs, allowing you to support all the students in your school in a way that saves teacher time.

Our Super School bundles are available in increments of 50 licences and the cost per child varies depending on your package.

All Nessy Super Schools receive a bonus pack FREE OF CHARGE worth £500:

  • Free access to our Dyslexia Training course for all your teachers! (worth £20 + VAT per head)
  • A 1-hour webinar to help you get started

A goody pack containing:

  • a board game
  • stickers
  • books
  • certificates
  • medals


Super School licences start from  £22 + VAT per child. Arrange a telephone consultation for free here.


How it Works


Nessy Reading & Spelling

Nessy Reading & Spelling is an internet-based program developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists.

100 independent learning lessons spread over ten engaging islands utilise the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and spelling. Each island consists of a series of lessons composed of strategy videos reinforced with games and worksheets which teach fundamental reading and spelling skills. Lessons emphasise phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, sight words, fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

“Nessy really has made a huge difference. It is easily understood, and teaches through… fun, concrete methods. The games are fantastic for learning. I love it!”– Julian Swindale, Class teacher, Sefton Park Infants School


Dyslexia Quest

am i dyslexicA preliminary test for dyslexia is useful for all children as it allows you to highlight their strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus during teaching. Dyslexia Quest takes only 20-minutes and is games-based so the child doesn’t know they’re being assessed. Children will play six games that test ability in areas of working and learning memory and you’ll receive a detailed report of the results.

“I have seen first hand how these games capture a child’s attention. They are funny, give instant feedback and they are also very encouraging. When my child gets something wrong she does not feel defeated and she still wants to play.” Amanda Mccraw


Writing Beach

learn sentence structure parts of speechWriting Beach offers a unique and engaging way to help children aged 7-14 to understand the building blocks of written language whilst having fun. Learn hard to grasp concepts such as descriptive writing, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraphs and story writing.

Writing Beach breaks these skills down into small, manageable stages. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Nessy Reading & Spelling.

“We love Nessy Writing Beach. It builds up the students confidence step by step and gives the teacher great planning ideas for games when developing more interesting sentences for story or poetry writing.”– Deborah Redding, Head of Learning and Curriculum Support, Badminton School


Nessy Fingers

nessy fingersA new online touch typing program Nessy Fingers will take you through five lessons covering the Home Keys and each portion of the alphabet teaching you how to touch type. Once you’ve played the lessons there are games to reinforce learning and a typing speed test for when you’ve mastered the keyboard!

“It really is very simple and great fun. My 7 year old dyspraxic son doesn’t even realise we are teaching him to type…it’s a treat that he gets if he has been good.”
-Matthew, Parent


Dyslexia Training

Understanding Dyslexia

Nessy believes that all teaching professionals should have a basic knowledge of dyslexia and reading difficulties in order to identify and properly support struggling readers in their classroom. Our professional development training program is designed to quickly and conveniently provide the essential information that teachers need.

The six training modules cover the identification of dyslexia, intervention strategies, accommodation and use of technology. Each module is followed by a short quiz to review key concepts and assess learning.

“It actually helped clear some things up for me that I was confused about. After watching those videos, it made me realize two students of mine may have Dyslexia.” – Rochelle, Teacher


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    Nessy Super Schools

    £2,250.00 / year

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