How Pricing Works

Nessy has lots of great programs to help children learn, but you might not need all of them. Mix and match the most suitable programs to meet your educational needs.

​​​​​​​The Basics

Nessy subscriptions last for one year.

Parents can choose to pay monthly when subscribing to the Nessy Reading and Spelling program. In addition, there are a variety of bundled program packs for home education, which make it easy for parents to choose the best combination of programs.

For schools, the cost is calculated by the number of licences you buy and the how many of the Nessy programs you choose.

Each student uses up one licence.

When a student no longer needs Nessy, it is easy to re-allocate their license to another student.

Adding More School Licences

The more licences you buy, the more cost effective Nessy becomes. Many schools start off with just one program and a few licences, however when they see the benefits, they often decide to have more students using Nessy. If you add licences later, the cost per licence is reduced according to the time remaining on the subscription.

You can add up to ten more licences at our online shop (but make sure you log in using your existing account details). If you need more than ten additional licences, our team of school specialists will be glad to help you. Email:

School Renewals

You'll be contacted 3 months before your subscription comes to an end so that you have plenty of time to prepare.

At the end of the school year, you will need to review your students and remove those who have left, this will free up licences for new children. Our support team will be happy to help you.

How a Nessy Subscription Works