How do I navigate in Nessy Classroom?

Welcome to Nessy Classroom!​​​​​​​

 Nessy Classroom: Home 

The  Home page provides quick navigation and account manageability by using:

 1.  The  Search Bar

to locate specific students or groups.

 2.  The  Quick Access area

for fast navigation between key Nessy Classroom areas.

 3.  The  Notifications area

for any important messages from Nessy.

 4.  The Licenses Used area

for a quick update on your allocated/remaining Nessy licenses.

 5.  Your Weekly Achievements area

to track the students with the ‘Most Nuggets’ earned and the ‘Most Time Working’ each week.

For additional account settings, you can also use the  Menu button on the top-left of your page at any time.