Decodable eBooks

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These decodable eBooks are ideal for young readers. Most words in these books can sounded out and read successfully by those children just beginning to learn letters and build early phonic knowledge.

How to use the Decodable Reader books:

Download the Decodable eBooks below.

Before reading, cover the picture. Listen to the child read the words.

If they get stuck, encourage them to sound out and blend the sounds together. Don’t try to guess the word.

Show them the picture when they have finished reading.

Pod and Min

Meet Pod and Min in the first of the Nessy series of decodable books.


Min has a dot

Join Pod and Min on their next adventure, as Min finds a paintbrush!


The Red Egg

Pod finds a Red Egg. Min is excited to play with the egg, but what could be inside?


Run Pod Run

Join Pod as he runs in a race, and encounters a new friend along the way!


The box has a buzz

Min has found a buzzing box! What will happen when Pod tries to fix the box?


Pods Van

How did a fox end up in Pod’s van? Find out what happened to Pod after he escapes a traffic jam.


Miss Fish

Join Miss Fish as her shopping trip takes an unexpected turn with an unlikely friend.


Trap the Crab

Pod’s plan goes wrong, as the crab they planned to eat for lunch escapes!