Dyslexia Aware School Badge

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 children have dyslexia?(1)

Nessy has partnered with the Dyslexia Trust to bring you the Dyslexia Aware School Badge, a new way to reward schools for investing in their teachers and students. It is a great way to show your community that you advocate for inclusive and supportive learning!

For a teacher to learn how to quickly identify and help those with dyslexia in their classroom, they first need to learn the basics of dyslexia. The Understanding Dyslexia course is the perfect way to learn these important first steps.

If 70% of a school’s primary teachers, assistant primary teachers or SENCO’s complete the course, your school will receive: 

  • An electronic certificate (to show that your school is ‘Dyslexia Aware’)
  • An electronic badge (this can be featured on your school website or added to your teacher’s email signatures)

Understanding Dyslexia
An 11-module course for teachers that explains how to recognize dyslexia and how to help your students.

Please contact us: virtualschool@nessy.com to purchase the Understanding Dyslexia program for your school. Please include your school name and country in the email.

Back to School Special: As part of the Back to School special, the first 30 schools to complete the course will also be sent a set of the new Nessy Decodable Books for free.

How to apply​​​​​​​


Subscribe your teachers to the Understanding Dyslexia training course.

To purchase the Understanding Dyslexia program for your school, please contact us: virtualschool@nessy.com. Please include your school name and country in the email.


Have your teachers complete the course from 1st January 2024 – until 31st December 2024.

(The course takes around 3 hours to complete, but can be completed in bitesize chunks. The training videos are each 2-3 minutes long and each section is followed by a short quiz to test knowledge.)


Fill out this form below to confirm that 70% of your school’s primary teachers, assistant primary teachers or SENCO’s have completed the course. After we confirm your teachers have completed the course, we will email you your Dyslexia Aware certificate and website badge!

Please note, in order to qualify for the badge the course has to be completed from 1st January 2024 – until 31st December 2024. 

Complete the form below

The following teachers have completed the course:

Based on the inspiring true story of Pat Jones and her son Michael, Mical follows the story of Michael Jones, Nessy CEO and founder, as he vividly tells of his struggle to learn to read and write. His experience at school, reflected in the film, was an unpleasant one. Frustrated with the lack of support, Pat decides to take matters into her own hands. 

The film’s immense popularity is a big step in showing people how an education system that does not cater for all can have a negative effect on a child’s wellbeing.​​​​​​​