iPad Troubleshooting

If your iPad is older than 4th generation Nessy may not function on this device. The minimum iOS required to run is 9.3.5. Older devices may not be able to run the Nessy programs

When using an iPad it is best to use Safari as the browser.

A few things to do to try and improve performance on an iPad:

  1. Close any apps running in the background - Double-tap the Home button and swipe up all the screens you see in the background to close them.
  2. Clear your History and Website data (found in Settings > Safari)
  3. Ensure that Cookies aren’t being blocked (found in Settings > Safari)
  4. Use the device in landscape rather than portrait
  5. Turn the device off and on again.
  6. Make sure the iPad is updated and running the latest version of the iPad operating system.