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Whether you’re home educating or looking to give your child’s literacy skills a boost, children enjoy learning with Nessy because it is game-based, and lessons are structured into small, manageable steps.

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Nessy Reading and Spelling

Nessy Free Trial FAQs

Which Nessy Programs are Included?

Nessy Reading and Spelling for ages 6-11

Structured Literacy for Reading and Spelling

  • Covers the first 5 years of literacy instruction with an adaptive, individualised learning plan. Includes phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, morphology, and more!

  • Engages early learners with videos, games, and 1000s of printable worksheets and card sets.

Hairy Reading for ages 4-6  

Reading program with decodable books

  • Game-based online program that builds early reading skills - teaches phonics, vocabulary, and fluency through 100+ engaging learning journeys. Adaptive lessons create personalised plans, assess progress, and email weekly reports to parents.

  • Includes printable phonics worksheets, decodable readers, and flashcards to reinforce lessons for reading success!

Ideal for children who are not yet ready for the Nessy Reading and Spelling program.

Chris Woodin’s Number Sense by Nessy for ages 4-8

Teaches the Foundation of Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

  • Helps shape the building blocks necessary for understanding early maths skills, building the learner's confidence, fluency, and accuracy with basic maths facts.

  • Includes printable worksheets, posters, and games that provide multisensory math practice!

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I already have an account. Can I still try Nessy for free?

Yes, we’re here to help! If you already have a Nessy account for a different program, or you have previously signed up but were unable to fully experience Nessy at that time, then we can help start a free trial for you.

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 What happens to my child’s learning progress after the trial?

Your child’s learning progress is saved after the trial. Your child will be able to seamlessly continue from their last lesson once you begin your Nessy subscription. You can purchase your subscription by visiting the store.

I’m a Teacher. Can my school try Nessy for free?

Yes, schools get 8 weeks of access to the Free Trial! We also offer special training opportunities and support for teachers.

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Technical Requirements

  • Internet
  • Works best with Google Chrome
  • Compatible with most tablets equivalent of iPad 5 and newer.