My Gifted Child Can’t Read

help learn to spell

Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic is a former high school teacher and adjunct professor turned homeschooler – so you know she knows what she’s talking about!

Her blog shares reading and writing tips, contemplation on motherhood and homeschooling commiserations. She recently tried Nessy Reading & Spelling for the first time and shared her – and her daughter B’s – experiences.


help with learning to read


“We started with the strategy video, and this is what sold me on Nessy.

“Nessy’s video lessons present strategies and mnemonic devices designed to help children conquer some of the more difficult concepts in reading. Its strategy for b/d was brilliant, equating the letters themselves to objects which not only started with the sound, but also resembled the shape of the letter.

“I have tried for months to help B understand the difference between b and d. Nessy taught her the difference in three minutes.”


my gifted child can't read


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