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Dyslexia Survival Guide


These are is the sort of things dyslexia does to you


  • Forget stuff you’re told.
  • Forget what you’ve just read.
  • Forget about homework or not write it all down.

I forget: Stuff I'm told. Things I read. To write down my homework.

  • Spell words wrong.
  • It will take much, much longer to read or write.
  • Find it difficult to stay on one task without stopping and moving on to another.
  • You’ll get exhausted by reading and writing activities.


Things that go wrong when you have dyslexia. Spelling. Finishing on time. Staying focused on one task.

These are a few of the main problems but there are lots more!


3 Things You Need To Do

I can do it. I will not give up.1. Don’t give up

You are not lazy.

You are not stupid.

You have to stay strong and believe in yourself.

It’s going to be hard but if you keep trying then you will succeed in the end.

Don't give up

2. Work out how you learn best

Think about it.

You know what you are bad at but what are you good at?

Maybe you haven’t found it yet but its there somewhere.

It’s going to help you to know your learning strengths and weaknesses. (learning good – learning bad)

How do you learn best?

3. Learn strategies and adapt

If you aren’t learning one way then find another way of doing it.

Nessy is full of strategies and rules but you need to find which ones work for you and learn to adapt it to new problems.

It’s not going to be easy but I know you can do it!



Here is a memory strategy

Can you remember these numbers in order? 739405


Link a picture to each number.
7 = heaven
3 = tree
9 = line
4 = door
0 = hero
5 = bee hive

To remember the sequence, make up a story that links the pictures together.


Here is a spelling strategy

The word ‘busy’ is hard to spell because it doesn’t sound the way it is spelled.
This spelling strategy helps you remember by finding the smaller word ‘bus’ inside it.


People with dyslexia usually learn best by following a structured system that will use strategies to explain rules – making sense of English.



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