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The Nessy Learning Center

Nessy Learning Center of Midland, Texas: Now Open!



About the Center

Summer Camp
Term Time Lessons
Private Sessions & Dyslexia Assessments
About Nessy Reading & Spelling
Building the Nessy Center
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About the Center

Nessy is pleased and excited to introduce our very first, brand new Nessy Learning Center! Situated in Midland, Texas and built with our very own hands our new learning center is aimed at helping kids throughout the year with a special summer camp, lessons with O-G specialists and private sessions for those students who need more intensive help.



There will be 1 specialist Orton-Gillignham trained teacher for a maximum of 12 children at one time and there are 3 learning zones for the kids to explore as they work on Nessy. Each teacher will have their own workstation, bookcase, games and tables to work on with the children.

At the back of the center we also have 3 teaching rooms and one specialist assessor room for 1:1’s, 2:1’s and assessments.


Nessy’s been featured! Read an exclusive with the Midland Reporter Telegram here



Pink Zone


The pink zone is where the Hairies live! See if you can find the personalized center Hairy Min with her cowboy hat and lasso! Stroke the furry pink walls!


Jungle Zone

nessy camp



The Jungle zone is where Burt the Gorilla lives, find him hiding amongst the vines, creep through the jungle grass and see how many monkeys you can count just hanging around!



Summer Camp

Nessy’s Summer Camp is now open! Run by Orton-Gillingham specialist and Early Language and Latin teacher Pam Hinton the camp runs Monday-Thursday from 9:30-12:30 in 2 week sessions (but is closed week of 4th July) .


About Pam

Pam Hinton, graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a music Minor. She was inspired to pursue post-graduate work in Reading Therapy by her children, several of whom have dyslexia. She first became certified as an Educational Therapist with the National Institute for Learning Disabilities (now named the National Institute for Learning Development) before training in the Barton System of Reading & Spelling and being introduced to Nessy Learning several years later.

“I WISH I had known about these programs when my own children were young. The results of the children I work with now are fantastic.”


reading & spelling help with nessy


Each week of Nessy’s Summer Camp will have a theme and the children will have the opportunity to use online programs, complete worksheets, read books, do arts and crafts, play educational board games and more.

Each day the teacher will read a chapter from a book, then ask the kids to illustrate with some simple sentences what they read that day. At the end of the camp their drawings will be bound together so each child gets their own individual, personalised book!

learning to read

The structure of each child’s Summer Camp learning is determined by targets set on Nessy Reading & Spelling with highly individualized learning taking place for each child. Their work will be varied and multisensory as they alternate throguht the work stations, playing games, taking part in competitions and generally experiencing learning through fun!

There will be a snack break and a lunch break each day plus singing and camp time!


Term Time Lessons

Term time lessons will begin the week after labour day (September 4th) aligning with the official end of Summer. The Autumn semester will run to Christmas and the Spring semester will run after Christmas until the end of the school year.

Tuition is purchased by semester and you will get the number of sessions that correlate to the term time schedule. We advise completing two sessions a week (and this is how your number of sessions is determined) however you can adjust this at will, completing all your semester’s sessions in a week or two if you should choose.
multisensory O-G based learning


The Nessy Learning Center will be open 3:30-7:30pm, Monday- Friday with sessions starting at half past the hour for an hour. To book a session you just need to text in advance to secure your place.

The lessons will have a similar structure to our Summer camp but will be more computer driven, with students working through their targets on Nessy Reading & Spelling, both independently and with specialist teacher help. They will also have the opportunity to play phonics-based card games, board games and complete worksheets.


Private Sessions & Dyslexia Assessments


nessy in texas
You can also choose to purchase individual 1:1 or 2:1 sessions for your children, or book a dyslexia screening with our specialist dyslexia assessor.

These individual sessions will be Orton-Gillingham based, with a highly trained specialist teacher. They will vary depending on the student and teacher but can use a variety of the Barton approach, pure Orton-Gillingham, Nessy and/or Take Flight (Scottish Ride Hospital).

Our assessor will use a mixture of Dyslexia Quest, Nessy’s screening tool and other traditional methods such as C-TOPP (comprehensive test of phonological processing). As a parent you will receive a professional consultation after an assessment has taken place.


About Nessy Reading & Spelling




Building the Nessy Center

The new center really gave Nessy a chance to get our hands dirty! We decided to build ourselves over the course of approximately 2 months and after a lot of hard work the center looks great! Take a look at how we got there:

Our Head of Educational Development, Tiffany James, getting ready to paint some Nessy green!
Nessy founder, Mike Jones getting prepped to paint some Nessy colours!
Nessy’s builder Guy preparing to build some of the Nessy zones!
  The Nessy Center is open for business!


Contact Emails & Where to Find Us

4519 Garfield, suite 16b

Midland, Texas

Call us to book your sessions: +1 432-704-1717
Email us:

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    Nessy Reading & Spelling

    Read more about the programs used at the Center, how Nessy Reading & Spelling is structured and the amazing results seen using the program.


    Research Evidence

    Nessy is research-based and evidence-based and we’ve found children using our program can improve their reading age by 1 grade in only 12 weeks.


    Kids Love Nessy!

    Nessy promotes progression and growth - whilst having fun! Find out why kids worldwide love Nessy Characters and games!