Go Green for Dyslexia


During the first week of Dyslexia Awareness Month we began our initiative Go Green for Dyslexia 2018. Buildings and schools lit up green,  students wore green, and even companies and organizations encouraged employees to wear green to work to promote dyslexia awareness in England, Wales, Malta, India and even as far away as South Africa. It’s not too late to Go Green! Encourage your school or district to participate, wear green to promote awareness and light the way to becoming one of our first US Green Schools. 

We hope for 2019’s Go Green campaign to continue being a global phenomenon, with people all over the world lighting up in support to help spread awareness of dyslexia.


Go and get information      Go and get tested      Go and get help

What We Know What To Do
Many teachers do not know how to help children they suspect have dyslexia. Dyslexia Training is an online course of videos that shows teachers how to help. Free for Dyslexia Awareness Week www.nessy.com/uk/product/dyslexia-training.If you want to take your training further then the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) offer training courses and accredited level programs, with the aim of helping them to better support students who have dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/educator/bda-services-educators
Many people suspect they might have dyslexia but have not done anything about it. Find out about dyslexia:
Download Dyslexia Explained the ebook from www.nessy.com/uk/-e-book . Watch the Dyslexia Explained videos (a new one will be available every day for free during dyslexia awareness week).
Even in children as young as 5 years old, dyslexia can be identified with a high degree of accuracy. Get screened or tested. Nessy has a free screener 5-7 year olds. Go to dyslexiatest.me. If you are older, use the Dyslexia Quest screener. Free for Dyslexia Awareness Week. www.nessy.com/uk/product/dyslexia-screening
90% of children with reading difficulties will achieve the appropriate reading age if they get help by year 2. 75% of children whose help is delayed to age 9 or later, will continue to struggle throughout school. will achieve the appropriate reading age if they get help by year 2. 75% of children whose help is delayed to age 9 or later, will continue to struggle throughout school. Don’t delay. Take action early! People with dyslexia need an individualised program of structured literacy. Take a free trial of the Nessy Reading and Spelling program at nessy.com
Free Trial available here: www.nessy.com/free-trial/signup



October 1st marks the beginning of Dyslexia Awareness Week. In partnership with the British Dyslexia Association Nessy is encouraging schools, businesses and homes to GO green for dyslexia!

We believe it is time to take action and end the ‘wait and see’ approach to children struggling at school. To raise awareness and encourage action to improve the lives of dyslexics, the British Dyslexia Association and Nessy are going green for dyslexia.

For one week, we will light our offices in green and wear our greenest clothes – and we hope you will do the same.


Bristol Zoo 



British Dyslexia Centre


Brunel’s SS Great Britain


Ashton Gate Stadium


University of Bristol – Will’s Memorial Building


The MShed


SpiderGroup – [HERE] building

Photographs by Huntley Hedworth


More buildings will be Going Green soon!

Avon Gorge Hotel

Cardiff Bay


Go Green Press Release


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