Nessy Reading & Spelling – Understanding Admin & Reports

Nessy’s admin & reports section is jam-packed with loads of useful information to help you track your student’s progress, see what they’re working on, download resources and more. This week I look at how you can best utilize the admin & reports section to make sure you’re getting the most out of Nessy Reading & Spelling.



Add a Student/Create New Monkey
Find Student

Downloading Reports

Add a Student/ Create New Monkey


You can add a student from the admin section or you can let students choose and customise their own monkey from the login screen. If you don’t want students creating their own monkeys you can turn this off under ‘Settings’ in the admin section.

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If you have a lot of students to set up you can also upload an excel spreadsheet with all the pupil’s names on to automatically create their monkeys.




Nessy admin & reports

All Nessy pupils are placed into groups in the admin section to grant program access. There are some default groups provided by Nessy however you can also create your own.
In the admin section go to ‘Groups’ > All Groups. From here you can allocate children to different groups to grant access to the appropriate program or create your own group, choosing which programs to grant access to. To add a student to a group click the blue people icon next to the group, this opens a new page where you can search and add the student.

change settings


Alternatively, if you want to change the access on a group (you can only do this for some groups), click the settings ‘cog’ icon next to the group and change access on the product from ‘no’ to ‘yes’.
From this screen you can also enter an email to be sent a weekly report of the group, detailing their time spent on Nessy, words learned and games played.


Find Student

In the Nessy admin section you can read extensive reports on each child, with information divided into four subtitles that let you know what the student has done on Nessy and how they’re progressing.
You can access this from the homepage of the admin section. Type the child’s name into the ‘Find Student’ progress bar and choose the program you want to view the report for:

This will open the child’s report with four sub-sections: Activity, Assessment Targets, Words Learned and Objectives Completed:




This section gives you a snapshot overview of how your child is doing, including how many targets they’ve completed, words they’ve learnt, time spent on the program and more. Scores for areas such as phonological awareness, vocabulary development, comprehension etc. only begin recording when a child passes a game and do not include games the child should replay – this gives you a clear indicator of how far their understanding has developed.


Assessment Targets


After both Nessy Challenges have been taken by a student, you can see what targets they were set in this section:

nessy readin g& spelling

You are able to reset their targets if you want them to retake the Challenge or give them new targets chosen by yourself.
This section will also show you how far they have progressed from their first set of targets to their current:


The baseline refers to the first time they took the Challenge and what they scored. The current and previous are the last two taken and a progression score is given for both. This is a great way to track student progress.


Words Learned


This section allows you to see the words or sentences your students are currently working on in their targets, words they’ve now learnt and words they’ve encountered but have not yet spelt or read correctly. Previously learned words are words that they previously got right but have encountered again and then spelt or read incorrectly, letting you know where to target.



Objectives Completed


Each lesson is composed of a set of objectives:


Each objective can consist of different things, e.g you may need to watch 2 strategies to complete one objective but 2 games and a video for another. Each objective is ticked off as it’s completed and you receive a trophy icon once all the objectives in a lesson have been completed.



Downloading Reports

Nessy’s reports are extensive and comprehensive, covering all aspects of a student’s journey through the program. There are several types of reports you can download – as well as the individual student report discussed above which you can access directly on the site.

Download individual student PDF’s

You can download a PDF of each student which takes some of the key information from their onscreen reports and gives it to you in a one page summary of their time on Nessy.

downloading reports


Click ‘students’ in the black navigation bar at the top of the screen and select ‘All students’ from the drop-down menu. From the screen above, choose ‘Generate Reports’ and then ‘Apply’. This may take some time depending on the size of your Nessy licence but it will create a zip folder that when opened has an individual PDF for each student on your account.


Excel Report of All Students

Rather than view each student separately you can also export an excel spreadsheet with comparison data to give you a brief overview of how well everyone on your Nessy account is doing.






The resources tab is fantastic if you are hunting down a particular worksheet, video or game to show. Rather than go through the program or a student portal you can log into the admin section and access all parts of the program from the resources tab and print off worksheets for homework or in-class practice.




The settings tab is where you can set up secure login for your students, turning this on will mean their monkey name acts as a password that they need to enter to access their programs. From this tab you can also update your admin password, change your secret word and choose whether students can create their own monkeys.



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And that’s the admin section explained! If you have any further questions or need any more help/information on how to understand admin & reports please email To read more about Nessy Reading & Spelling click here.