New to Nessy: Target Mode!

Target Mode is a new feature that is enabled by default when a new account is created. It will not let children move through Nessy Reading & Spelling until they have taken both Nessy Challenges and have 5 reading and 5 spelling targets set.


My Gifted Child Can’t Read

Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic shares reading and writing tips, contemplation on motherhood and homeschooling commiserations in her blog. She recently tried Nessy Reading & Spelling for the first time and shared her – and her daughter B’s – experiences.


The Best Online Reading Program for Screen-Addicted Kiddos

nessy reading & spelling review

This year A-Man is in “kindergarten”. I put that in quotes because when you’re homeschooling, and especially when you’re homeschooling an autistic kiddo, grade levels get a bit mushy. A lot of our school time has to look like play, and some days we do primarily therapy activities instead of traditional school lessons.