Agatha Christie – Famous People with Dyslexia

Agatha Christie is the best selling and most translated author of all time. Her characters and stories are known worldwide, particularly Hercule Poirot, her famed Belgian detective and her legacy lives on through screen, stage and written adaptations. A lesser known fact of this remarkable woman is that she achieved all this and became a literary giant all while having dyslexia, she is a true inspiration to all!


Positive Dyslexia – Part Two

Today’s blog is by Arran Smith, Dyslexia Advisor for Nessy, who tells a heart-warming story of his journey with dyslexia, from his struggles in school to his charity work with the Leicester Dyslexia Association and working for the British Dyslexia Association.


New to Nessy: Target Mode!

Target Mode is a new feature that is enabled by default when a new account is created. It will not let children move through Nessy Reading & Spelling until they have taken both Nessy Challenges and have 5 reading and 5 spelling targets set.


Top 5 Reading Strategies to Try This Summer

summer help

Our Nessy YouTube Channel has helpful videos with tips and tricks, to make learning that little bit easier. We’ve compiled 5 reading strategies you can try this summer to keep kids learning over the holidays. Try showing them these fun and educational videos and see what sticks!


Prevention, Not Intervention

literacy rates in the us

A case for reducing the need for reading and literacy interventions by preventing reading failure before it happens. America’s literacy crisis has reached epidemic proportions, 65% of American 4th graders do not read at basic proficiency level. This post takes a look at ways in which we can solve that crisis.


Richard Branson – Famous People with Dyslexia

In celebration of Richard Branson’s 67th birthday we take a quick look at how he got to where he is today, the impact of his dyslexia and his new charity aimed at supporting and providing early identification for those with dyslexia.