New to Nessy: Target Mode!

Coming soon to Nessy Reading & Spelling, Target Mode!


What is it?

Target Mode is a new feature that is enabled by default when a new account is created. It will not let children move through Nessy Reading & Spelling until they have taken both Nessy Challenges and have 5 reading and 5 spelling targets set. Once these targets have been set they are only able to play on the corresponding lessons, trying to play on a lesson that is not a target will result in one of these two messages:


When Target Mode is Enabled:

If Target Mode is enabled and the child tries to skip the Nessy Challenges reminders will appear every new screen the pupil accesses:







If a student begins the Challenge but doesn’t finish it (so no targets are set) the Monkey Mission video will show when the student returns to the main island homepage. Students can still access open islands with no targets set to see their animal achievements but if they try and access a lesson that is not a target one of the above messages will appear.


Working in Target Mode:

The game will guide you through your target activities chronologically from the lowest target to the highest – the thumbnail in the bottom right will direct you to the next activity to play as it does when not in Target Mode.

If a student selects a different target lesson they will be directed through the activities in that lesson, and then when it is completed the program will default to the next lowest target lesson number.


Target Mode for Ages 4-6

If a child’s age is between 4-6 then rather than giving them the Challenge games, the program will automatically set the first 5 lessons as targets. Once these have been completed they will then be asked to complete the Challenges.


Disabling Target Mode

Not suitable for your requirements? No problem! You can always switch target mode off in the admin section under ‘Settings’. If Target Mode isn’t set then the student can do activities from any lesson although the game will still try and guide you through if targets are set.


And that’s Target Mode! We’ll be rolling this out very soon so stay tuned!