Nessy Update – January 25th

reading and spelling help

Nessy is currently undergoing some technical support fixes that will be rolled out across the platform Thursday 25th January at 10pm GMT. Nessy may be temporarily unavailable during the update so please bear with us.

Check out the new features that will be made available!

Remember: It’s always good to clear your browsing history after an update!



Technical Support


Nessy now no longer requires the latest iOS software to run! We have been working hard on making Nessy compatible with older iPads and now those with iOS 9.3.5 or above can access Nessy on their devices.


You may notice Nessy is a little speedier! There should be faster download times and quicker loading speeds.


Admin & Reports

Following feedback, the Nessy Challenge progress will now display as both a yearly reading age and percentage score in the Admin & Reports area.

When a student has completed the Nessy Challenge an ‘Assessment Complete’ sign will be shown above the progress bar.

reading progress


All Students

You can change a student’s group directly from the All Students page. Click on the group heading next to the student and choose a group from the dropdown that appears.

help with phonics

You can change a student’s Target Mode setting directly from the All Students page in the same manner.


If you have any questions about the update or your Nessy account please email us at