Nessy December Update

updates and nessy features

Nessy Reading & Spelling has some exciting new features going live Thursday evening! If you have the program, read on to find out what new additions we’ve made.

Target Mode

Target Mode is a feature we debuted in August, allowing a more guided pathway through Nessy Reading & Spelling where levels that aren’t targets are locked, even on the same island. You can read more about Target Mode here.

Previously, Target Mode could only be applied to a whole account, with this new update you can now set Target Mode on a student by student basis. You can arrange this in the admin & reports section under ‘Students’ – ‘All Students’.


Nessy Challenge

Students redoing the Nessy Challenge will be sent back to the first incorrect answer of the previous Challenge from now on. This means that students who have advanced in the program no longer need to answer the questions on earlier islands.


Other Features

We’ve added a ‘Getting Started’ video for new Nessy users (and current who need a bit of a refresher)! You can access this from the Monkey Login screen under ‘Getting Started’.

You can now disable student’s ability to change their monkey name in Monkey Town! This can be done from admin & reports under ‘Settings – Change Settings’. Change the slider to grant or deny access.



PLUS, Coming Soon…

A new Nessy video! Available on lesson 86 and in the resources tab in admin & reports, our fun new video explains the origin of words and why ch, k and sh make different sounds!


If you need any help you can always email us at