Global GO Green for Dyslexia Campaign Sees Thousands of Children Worldwide Going Green This Week to Encourage Dyslexia Awareness and Action

Bristol-based Nessy Learning’s GO Green for Dyslexia initiative started in 2018 and has since become a global phenomenon, with children, schools, businesses and buildings all over the world Going Green to raise money for The Dyslexia Trust.

This week iconic landmarks across Bristol and Cardiff will shine a green light to show their support in ending the ‘wait and see’ approach to dyslexia. This is your green light to GO and Get Tested, GO and get information, GO and get help.

Over 500 schools and thousands of children all over the country are supporting the GO Green Campaign by dressing in green for the day.

Nessy wants as many teachers as possible around the world to have the opportunity to learn about dyslexia and how best to support their dyslexic students.  That’s why, for Dyslexia Awareness Week, Nessy is offering the teacher training program (Dyslexia Training) and the screening program (Dyslexia Quest) free of charge to teachers and parents throughout world.


“I have dyslexia so I’m Going Green. Did you know, teachers don’t get dyslexia training, so children don’t get identified or get the support they need.

It’s time to take action and this is the green light to go and make a change. GO Green so everyone can have the opportunity to learn to read.”

Mike Jones, Nessy Learning CEO


The Dyslexia Trust

GO Green is about raising money to provide support to dyslexics who are unable to get the help they need due to reasons of financial difficulty. The Trust makes sure donations are not lost in administration costs but go directly to help children and families wherever they are in the world. One of the goals of the Trust is to help pay for specialist training for teachers so they can bring that knowledge and support back to their schools.

To support the Trust, Nessy Learning is offering the screening program (Dyslexia Quest) and the teacher training program (Dyslexia Training) free of charge to schools and parents throughout world.


“We are so thrilled that the Nessy GO Green campaign has chosen to support our Dyslexia Trust this year.

We struggle to support children with dyslexia and co- occurring differences so Nessy’s generosity will make a massive boost to our Trust funds.  It means that more students traumatised by low self- esteem and struggling to learn to read and write can access specialist help: such help can make a total life- changing difference and can lead to well rounded, happy personalities who achieve their full potential.

 Dyslexia Trust takes no money for admin and ALL donations received go to give appropriate teaching, training and assessment to desperately needy dyslexics.

Thank you, thank you Nessy from the bottom of our hearts!


Pat Jones, Dyslexia Trust Founder


Donate to The Dyslexia Trust

Text GOGREEN 70201 to donate £1
Text GOGREEN 70331 to donate £3
Text GOGREEN 70970 to donate £5
Text GOGREEN 70191 to donate £10

or donate online at


Quotes from Participants

This is the second year we have supported Nessy Learning in this campaign. They are valued sponsors of our gorilla house and our vital conservation work and we are delighted to show our support for the ‘Go Green for Dyslexia’ campaign.

Hopefully it will help to improve awareness of dyslexia and encourage people who may be struggling with this condition to get help.”

Dr Justin Morris, CEO of Bristol Zoological Society


“Ashton Gate Stadium is proud to support The Go Green for Dyslexia Campaign for the second year running. The global campaign is much more than raising awareness for dyslexia it’s helping to take action whilst raising money for the Dyslexia Trust.”

Mark Kelly – Ashton Gate Stadium, Managing Director


“Brunel’s SS Great Britain is delighted to again be supporting the Go Green for Dyslexia Campaign by lighting up such an iconic Bristol landmark for the campaign – we hope that it helps raise awareness”

Dominic Rowe, Brunel’s SS Great Britain


“This is the first year we have supported the Nessy ‘Go Green for Dyslexia’ campaign.  We are looking forward to helping raise awareness of dyslexia & encouraging people to go and get help”.

Rob Fantini, Managing Director of Balmoral Systems Limited


“We are proud to be supporting the Go Green for Dyslexia Campaign during our cabinet meeting this week. One in five people have dyslexia, and we hope this action helps encourage young people to get themselves tested.

“This campaign aligns with the aims of the city’s Children’s Charter, which was launched last year and has been signed by more than 95 organisations. We want the rights of children to be at the forefront of all decisions made in the city and the charter sets out the city’s aspirations for all children, without discrimination.”

Cllr. Helen Goodwin, Cabinet Member for Children, Bristol City Council


“Bristol DC is so proud to support Nessy’s GO GREEN for dyslexia. 

We are lighting up green, dressing up in green and licking green lollies; doing all we can to go green for action!  Action to promote awareness, training and the importance of proper support for all dyslexics struggling with literacy, maths (dyscalculia) and writing (dysgraphia & dyspraxia ) – in fact all specific learning differences.

GO Green with Nessy and make a difference to a child’s life!”

Pat Jones OBE., Principal, Bristol Dyslexia Centre


Nessy Learning

Nessy has been making fun, educational software for children since 1999 and has developed a reputation for exceptional quality. Nessy offers the complete dyslexia aware solution with a suite of multisensory products aimed at making learning to read, write and spell fun.


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