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Become a Nessy partner today! Nessy isn’t just the best software for helping struggling readers, it’s a business opportunity!


What is the Nessy Affiliate Marketing Program?
Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business online. You simply introduce your web page visitors or social media followers to Nessy products to earn income.

Join the Nessy Affiliate Program today and start earning income. There are three ways to earn commission under the program:


1) Promote Nessy products

Earn between 15-25% commission on product purchases referred from your site
Nessy has a wonderful product suite of professional educational products that are easy to market and promote—because they work and they’re fun!  Programs include Nessy Reading and Spelling, Hairy Phonics,  Nessy Numbers and Nessy Fingers.

2) Promote the piloting of Nessy Reading and Spelling in schools to earn finders fees

Encourage teachers to try Nessy Reading and Spelling in their classroom and earn a finder’s fee commission (currently $10 U.S.) for every teacher signed up (some conditions apply)
All you have to do is promote school pilots at select times of year to your followers or visitors via social media or your website.  Nessy takes care of all the details after that. One Facebook post can earn significant returns.

3) Become a Certified Nessy Specialist

If you are a professional educational therapist or special education professional or learning disability expert, you may be eligible to become a Certified Nessy Specialist. Promote Nessy products in the course of your work and earn substantial commissions while helping more kids read better than ever before.

How does the Nessy Affiliate Marketing Program work?
It’s as simple as A-B-C

Apply to join the programUnknown

Receive your personal code, and gain access to ready made links, pictures and banners and other fabulous creative content
Embed the links and banners on your website or share them on social media to start earning commissions

Real time sales tracking and metrics

We track your sales through your affiliate ID. You have real-time access to all sales and commissions statistics including number of visitors referred, sales made and conversion rates, as well as informative graphs and charts.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Download a PDF document of the PDF Iconterms and conditions used in the affiliate program.

How and when do I get paid?
Commissions in excess of $100 are paid monthly through PayPal or e-transfer. Commissions less than $100 roll over to the next month.

Watch our training video on how to use the affiliate dashboard