Third Party Cookies

The following is a list of third-party cookies you may see whilst browsing the Nessy website.

Company Website Purpose
AddThis These cookies allow you to share Nessy content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
CloudFlare We use these cookies to speed up the way pages load on our website.
Disqus This cookies are used to allow our users to leave comments on our website.
DoubleClick (Google) These cookies provide digital marketing information.
Facebook These cookies are used to collect data on user behaviour and are used by Facebook for targeted advertising when you visit their website.
Google These cookies allow us to measure interaction with and performance of our website. Additionally, some Google cookies are used by their advertising services.
LiveChat These cookies allow us to talk to our customers online.
Pinterest These cookies are used by Pinterest and Google Analytics to track use of their services.
Twitter These cookies are used by Twitter to track user behaviour and to store user information such as language preferences.
Vzaar These cookies allow you to watch our video content on your browser