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Nessy’s Ambassador Schools

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Nessy is proud to present its new Ambassador School program in support of schools achieving incredible results on Nessy. As of 2017 we have our first ever US Ambassador school, but we don’t want to stop there, if you think your school should be an Ambassador click the link at the bottom of the page.



Nessy’s First Ambassador School
Godley School District
Visiting Godley Elementary


Nessy is proud to welcome our first US Ambassador School: Godley Elementary, Texas!


Godley is a Texas district of Innovation designated or awarded by the Texas state legislature and the school have now applied for Texas Innovative School status. They recently made national news as one of their teachers, Brandy Young has decided she will no longer give homework.


Godley School District

During our visit to Godley, Texas Nessy found the schools to be exemplary. The campuses were welcoming and encouraging with high expectations for their kids – which were being met.

Teachers were given freedom to do what they do best, teach, and they were respected for the professionals they are. This is probably why this district is so successful even given the exponential growth they are experiencing.

Godley Elementary adopted Nessy last year, originally just for students with dyslexia, after a parent wrote a letter to the Superintendent requesting it. They were so impressed with the results that this year they want all the kids to be on Nessy!


The Pilot:

Godley Elementary are doing a 600 student pilot with Nessy and staff have partnered with us to consult on the programs they will be using. Their plan is to use Nessy for all K-3 students in the district in the 2017-18 school year.


They even have Nessy competitions! Their RTI specialist Stacy Brown rewards students who have spent the most time on Nessy by letting them sit in the ‘rollie’ chairs – something they all want to do!




Nessy’s Visit to Godley

Nessy founder, Mike signed lots of books and we met with students there to learn about their experiences with Nessy.

Students were delighted to meet him and tell him how much they love it. One student has made it to lesson 77 and she was so proud to tell him about it. As you can see, they were rewarded with Nessy medals!


Our South African Ambassador School

In 2015 Vergezicht became Nessy's first pilot school in South Africa! They've seen a huge leap in progress since using Nessy as a second language tool.


Using Nessy For EAL

Nessy has been used extensively for EAL students and the results have been amazing with students improving by over a year in just 3.5 months!