Make Your iPad Dyslexia Friendly – Speak to It!

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iPad Text to Speech

Do you know about the iPad accessibility features that can be invaluable to people with dyslexia, like typing what you speak or reading text for you?

Using the iPad speech to text will save you loads of time. You won’t have to type out each word and it’s much easier to search the web, send emails, choose ibooks and more. You may look a bit strange talking to your iPad though!


Let’s enable dictation:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click on ‘General’
  3. Click ‘Keyboard’
  4. From here ‘Enable Dictation’




Tip: The first time you decide to use speech to text and click the microphone on a search bar your iPad will ask you to ‘Enable Dictation’ – just a handy little shortcut!


So how do you use it?

To send emails, messages etc. just click the microphone on the iPad keyboard.



You have to click ‘Done’ when you have finished speaking:



Tip: Any punctuation you want to use in your sentence you have to say. For example, “info at sign Nessy dot com” will change to after you click ‘Done’.


What about on the internet?

When you search on the internet you still click the microphone which is next to the search bar. But it works a little differently when you speak:




There is no ‘Done’ button, the iPad will automatically search for results when you finish speaking.

And it’s as easy as that! There are lots of voice recognition apps on the App store.