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Parent & Teacher Testimonials

Nessy is a reading and spelling program for children who have been assessed as dyslexic.

“Nessy is an important new resource that will reduce stress and brighten children’s lives.” – John Bald

Teacher Testimonials


“Nessy really has made a huge difference.
It is easily understood, and teaches through
understanding, fun, concrete methods. TheJo and Josie enjoying a Nessy lesson
games are fantastic for learning. I love it!”
Julian Swindale
“All my dyslexics love all things Nessy and so do I!”Anne Warden


“I am seeing a huge difference already in learning
and confidence. Fantastic way to learn.”Diana Ellery


“I love this program! It inspires the Children I teach.”
Annalise McCourt-Hall


Year six have really enjoyed Nessy and made
great leaps in their progress in reading, spelling
and self confidence.”Judith Renton

“WONDERFUL program” – Winette Cort


“I think this program is fantastic. The kids love it and I enjoy helping them use it!”Will Whish
“Love, love ,love Nessy!”Penny Ockleston
“It teaches the students without them realising that they are being taught because they are having so much fun.”Janet Louise Siggers
The children all really enjoy their Nessy time

Email from Tangie Anthony


“The children are still chanting Nessy as they go down the hall.” Debbie Munn


“The kids will often sing the rules back long after we have done the lesson.”Kirsty Ferguson


Grateful Parents


“My son, who is 9 years old and has dyslexia,
has been using the Nessy program he has greatly
improved and now enjoys reading.”Sharon Hanson
“When we have tried to practise writing he has always been close to tears.
However, with a couple of ideas from Nessy, he filled fifty pages of his new
writing book with three sentences per page. Totally brilliant!” – Lynne
“My son is loving Nessy He stays so focused I have to drag him away from it.”Natalie
“We bought Nessy for our daughter which she loves.”Karina Wright
“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU
for really helping our severely dyslexic son.”
Tabbie Hunt

Impressed by how much people love Nessy Reading & Spelling? Try the program yourself, you won’t believe the results!


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Nessy Reading & Spelling is a fun, multsensory, games and evidence-based program utilising the proven effective Orton-Gillingham method.

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Evidence of Results

We've done extensive research into the efficacy of Nessy Reading & Spelling as an educational tool to help those of all abilities. See the results.

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