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EAL Case Study: A South African School



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A little school with a big heart



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This cosy little school, situated in the picturesque village of Somerset West in the Helderberg* region of South Africa, started in 2006. The aim was to provide a nurturing, small class environment to children who battle with barriers to learning. Currently there are 105 Afrikaans and English children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the school.


Vergezicht is a Dutch word meaning “vista” and the school’s logo (ink well and quill) carries the message of learning and teaching. The motto is easy enough for the smallest child to read:

“I can!”

nessy helpskids love nessy
Learning barriers include:

  • ADHD
  • Language difficulties
  • Dyspraxia
  • Anxiety
  • Slight vision and hearing impairments
  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia

The children follow the same curriculum as in the state schools, but with a remedial slant.


Introducing Nessy to South Africa

In 2014, Vergezicht hosted a Dyslexia Information Day which was attended by about 500 people.

Nessy was introduced and people started talking about the program. They were asking if it could be used for teaching an additional language and the Vergezicht staff decided to take this on as a challenge!

Teachers in the region started to realize that dyslexia was NOT just about reversing letters, but much much more!

Nessy as an ESL tool


“Thank you so much for a fantastic, informative and entertaining morning. What wonderful and inspirational people you had speaking with such helpful tips. HUGE thanks for the enormous dedication and effort that was taken to put it together and welcome us with such lovely goodies and tea too!”
– Lisa O’Mahony




The Results at Vergezicht


nessy as a second language tool
9-year old Afrikaans Vergezicht children doing Nessy and experiencing great success in their second language.





increase reading ability


Jeniel, our 13-year old Afrikaans student whose English reading age improved from 11 years to 13 years in just one year of being a Nessy user.
He finished primary school and now, in 2017, is a confident high school pupil!




nessy esl




Jacob speaks Shangaan with his mom, Portuguese and French with his dad, and is taught through medium English. With the help of Nessy he is progressing successfully through primary school and will enter high school in 2018!




using nessy in esl

“For both of us English is our 2nd Language. “Ons hou BAIE van Nessy!”
(We really like Nessy!)
– Rebeca & Karli



Kids love Nessy!


Since 2015 EVERY child in the school has been doing Nessy at least once a week. They were encouraged to log in at home, and they fought for computer places to play during break times or early in the morning before school.


The children of Vergezicht were hooked on Nessy!They all took part in painting banners to express their enthusiasm.


making nessy4
making nessy



“I love Nessy because it is so much fun. I like playing Nessy because I am learning AND having fun.”


making nessy3


making nessy4



To see a full breakdown of Nessy and Vergezicht’s partnership, click here.


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