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Writing Beach

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Writing Made Easy


Nouns, adjectives and verbs can be concepts that are difficult for children to grasp. Nessy breaks these down in a fun way making it memorable. The program goes on to cover sentence structure and punctuation, helping children get their ideas onto paper.


There are lots of supporting printable activities and card games which help children improve their writing in small steps. The physical act of writing is important to literacy development so children not only learn using digital activities on the screen but also put pencil to paper.


“We love Nessy Writing Beach. It builds up the students confidence step by step and gives the teacher great planning ideas for games when developing more interesting sentences for story or poetry writing.” Deborah



The Learning Structure


Lesson 1: Sentence Construction

  • What makes a complete sentence?
  • Capital letters and full stops
  • How to construct a sentence
  • Writing motivation

Lesson 2: Joining Words (Conjunctions)

  • Understanding conjunctions and when to use them
  • Using the right conjunction
  • How conjunctions join clauses

Lesson 3: Punctuation

  • Understanding commas, exclamation marks, question marks, apostrophes
  • When to use, how they help form sentences

Lesson 4: Bullet Point Plans

  • Planning a sentence or writing a description
  • Identifying the key subject of the sentence
  • Writing clearly

Lesson 5: Parts of Speech (Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs)

  • Understanding there are different types of words and their definitions
  • Building sentences using different parts of speech

Lesson 6: Past Tense and Irregular Verbs

  • What they are
  • How they change a word
  • When to use them

Lesson 7: Descriptive Writing

  • Use a simple plan to help write a poem or description
  • Utilising visual thinking and creativity

Lesson 8: Planning a Paragraph

  • How to structure link ideas into a paragraph
  • How to use a topic sentence

Lesson 9: Story Plans and Writing

  • Use a simple plan to help organise and develop ideas

Lesson 10: Advanced Skills

  • Use different types of clauses to vary sentence construction
  • Develop visualisation to aid memory
  • Activities to develop listening skills


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Key Features

  • Games teach parts of speech and punctuation
  • Videos strategies show children how to quickly plan their writing
  • Printable resources to motivate and encourage
  • Helps children with dyslexia understand nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Develops writing skills in a structured, step-by-step system

Writing Beach

From: £15.00 / year


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