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Understanding Dyslexia

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Information for Educators and Parents

About the Program

Nessy believes that all teaching professionals and parents should have a basic knowledge of dyslexia and reading difficulties in order to identify and begin to support struggling readers. Our dyslexia training program is designed to provide the essential information about dyslexia that all teachers, teaching assistants, and even parents need, in easy to access, quick animated videos.

The training modules cover the identification of dyslexia, intervention strategies, accommodations and the use of technology. Each module is followed by a short quiz to review key concepts and assess learning. The training can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The course takes most learners 2-3 hours to finish. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion.


“I just finished watching all the modules of the Nessy Dyslexia training. I must say, I was VERY impressed. I was honestly expecting a “dry” presentation with someone talking and showing pages of charts and text. However, the cartoons were interesting, engaging and, at times, entertaining. They were all presented in easy to understand language, simple text and lists, and meaningful visuals. The connections from one module to the next was set up well.”
– Kelly MacDonald, Teacher


How it Works:

Module 1. Dyslexia Explained

  • Understand the general characteristics of dyslexia.
  • Learn to identify warning signs for different age groups.
  • Dispel common myths about dyslexia.

Module 2. Phonological Dyslexia

  • Recognise phonological difficulties linked to dyslexia and effective strategies to overcome them.

Module 3. Working Memory and Dyslexia

  • Understand the link between working memory and dyslexia.
  • Test your own working memory and learn helpful strategies.

Module 4. Auditory Processing Dyslexia

  • Understand the role of auditory processing in dyslexia.

Module 5. How to Help

  • Learn effective approaches to help children with dyslexia.
  • Explore powerful learning strategies and assistive technology.
  • Discover hidden strengths of students with dyslexia.




“I just wanted to say thanks very much for offering a dyslexia training course it was fantastic in providing me with knowledge of dyslexia and reading difficulties. It was very easy to access, understand and I loved how there was no time limit either!”
– Nicola Taylor, L&D Teacher



Note that our training program is part of a suite of educational products to help students with dyslexia. Once you have learned the basics of dyslexia through the training modules, be sure to explore Dyslexia Quest, our dyslexia screening tool and Nessy Reading & Spelling, our comprehensive reading remediation software.

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“The information provided is powerful, engaging, and pleasing to the human eye. I feel as though the students will entertained, and motivated, simultaneously. This product will fit nicely into the curriculum whether it is used as a supplemental or a stand alone initiative.”
– Carla Van Elsland, Teacher

“I really enjoyed these videos! I think that they were both informative and entertaining. I wasn’t bored at all watching them and they really painted a much clearer picture of dyslexia.”
– Lauren Serebransky, Teacher

“I think this would be a great training for any new hires, particularly general education teachers who may not have been given as much time with this in college.”
– Olivia, Teacher

“It actually helped clear some things up for me that I was confused about. After watching those videos, it made me realize two students of mine may have Dyslexia.”
– Rochelle, Teacher

“These videos are vital at primary levels when building the reading foundation and could be beneficial on a Junior school level as a reinforcement of the gaps in learning.”
– Shana Keenan, Teacher


Key Features

  • Learn to identify & screen
  • Practical intervention strategies
  • 2+ hours of training
  • Completion certificate
  • Certified by Bristol Dyslexia Centre
  • Learn to accommodate children with dyslexia

Understanding Dyslexia

From: £20.00 / year


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Understanding Dyslexia

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