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Brighten up classroom walls with a colourful set of 7 unique educational posters. Reinforce learning and memory. Dyslexics need visual cues to jog the memory. These rule reminders will help to secure some of the most important strategies. Can you find the hidden Nessy in each poster?

Tricky Word Spelling Strategies
Display these spelling strategies to help learn the most common tricky words.

Silly Bull helps reinforce an understanding of syllables. Recaps how to split words into syllables. Explains the different vowel sounds made by open and Closed syllables.

Learn about prefixes and suffixes in the laboratory of Dr Strange. Bizarre heads and tails make a difficult concept easy to remember. 16 mnemonics are reinforced with hilarious pictures!

Magic e
Why does the super hero ‘e’ make no sound on the end of words? Find out where the vowel gets the power to say its name.

Phonic Sounds
Learn the sounds of the most common phonemes ‘ai’, ‘ay’, ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘ie’, ‘oe’ and ‘oa’

An ideal way to reinforce this tricky spelling rule. Norman the knight explains when to use -ck -tch and -dge to protect the weak vowel sounds.

ough augh
Meet the Hairy Things to find out why words with ‘ough’ are called monster words!

Key Features

  • A2 size
  • 7 different posters in a set
  • Full colour
  • Glossy, durable paper



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