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Nessy Parent Pack

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£90.00 now,
then £80.01 / year

package for parents

Exclusively for parents and homeschoolers!


About the Pack

Nessy have put together a bundle exclusively for parents and homeschoolers, allowing you to have all your primary teaching aids on hand in one convenient location.

With the Nessy bundle you can screen your child for dyslexia and help with reading, spelling, writing and multiplication in a fun, multisensory way using game, videos and worksheets. You can also read ‘Dyslexia Explained’ together for an illustrated look at dyslexia.


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The Parent Pack – £90 + VAT/year:

  • 1 licence of Dyslexia Quest
  • 1 licence of Nessy Reading & Spelling
  • 1 licence of Writing Beach
  • 1 licence of Nessy Numbers
  • 1 ‘Dyslexia Explained’ book


You can now purchase 2 Parent Packs for £146 + VAT! Just enter the code “Pack2” at checkout.


How it Works


Dyslexia Quest

am i dyslexicA preliminary test for dyslexia is useful for all children as it allows you to highlight their strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus during teaching. Dyslexia Quest takes only 20-minutes and is games-based so the child doesn’t know they’re being assessed. Children will play 6 games that test ability in areas of working & learning memory and you’ll receive a detailed report of the results.

“I have seen first hand how these games capture kids’ attention. They are funny, give instant feedback and they are also very encouraging. When my kid gets something wrong she does not feel defeated and she still wants to play.” Amanda Mccraw


Nessy Reading & Spelling

Help dyslexic kidsNessy Reading & Spelling is an internet-based program developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists.

100 independent learning lessons spread over ten engaging islands utilise the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading & spelling. Each island consists of a series of lessons composed of strategy videos reinforced with games and worksheets which teach fundamental reading & spelling skills. Lessons emphasise phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, sight words, fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension.

“It was more extensive and inclusive than any other product I purchased and responsible for 100% of our reading success. “It was the single most valuable product I could have come across.”– Gail Camenzind, Homeschooler

Writing Beach

learn sentence structure parts of speechWriting Beach offers a unique and engaging way to help children aged 7-14 to understand the building blocks of written language whilst having fun. Learn hard to grasp concepts such as descriptive writing, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraphs and story writing.

Writing Beach breaks these skills down into small, manageable stages. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Nessy Reading & Spelling.

“We love Nessy Writing Beach. It builds up the students confidence step by step and gives the teacher great planning ideas for games when developing more interesting sentences for story or poetry writing.”– Deborah Redding, Head of Learning and Curriculum Support, Badminton School

Nessy Numbers

Learn multiplication at the tables of doom! Learn how to tell the time as you help save Miss Minute and Mr Hour! Nessy Numbers uses strategies to develop an understanding of core mathematical concepts.

“I never thought she’d be doing times tables easily but she really clicked with it. We are home schooling as she is dyslexic and I am very excited!”– Sue, Parent

*Please note Nessy Numbers is not tablet compatible.


Dyslexia Explained

am i dyslexicDyslexia Explained’ helps parents understand dyslexia: the positives, the difficulties and what helps. After reading, parents can use it to help explain dyslexia to their child.

Dyslexia causes low self esteem. It makes learning to read and write much harder and affects the whole family. Every person with dyslexia needs to find the mental strength to get through school. The first step on that journey is to understand dyslexia and rediscover the self belief and determination to succeed.

“This is MARVELLOUS!!! I am sharing it immediately with my colleagues.” – Andrea Short


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Nessy Parent Pack

£90.00 now,
then £80.01 / year

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