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Nessy Reading & Spelling – 3 month summer pack

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£10.00 for 3 months

Nessy Reading & Spelling has been developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists to help children with dyslexia.


About the Program

Nessy Reading & Spelling is an internet-based program developed by a team of specialist teachers and psychologists. Developed for students 5-12 years of age with reading differences such as dyslexia, Nessy is a powerful teaching tool for all students, including English as a second language learners.

100 independent learning lessons spread over ten engaging islands employ an intensive, multisensory, and sequential method of instruction based on the highly respected and researched Orton-Gillingham approach to reading & spelling. Lessons emphasise phonemic awareness, phonics, blending, sight words, fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. Each island consists of a series of lessons composed of strategy videos reinforced with games which teach fundamental reading & spelling skills.


“Nessy really has made a huge difference. It is easily understood, and teaches
through… fun, concrete methods. The games are fantastic for learning. I love it!”
Julian Swindale, Class teacher, Sefton Park Infants School


Nessy Reading & Spelling is in over 10,000 Schools Worldwide.


How it Works

  • Assessment Tools: Students begin by taking the Nessy Challenge to establish their baseline reading and spelling ability. The program then automatically assigns personalised reading and spelling targets.
  • Reporting: Reporting delivers performance data and analysis in a simple to understand format, and colour-coding allows teachers to immediately identify and target areas of individual difficulty. What’s more, the initial evaluation helps to create a baseline score upon which progress is measured.
  • Individualised Approach: Working independently, students’ progress through a series of strategy videos, games and worksheets to complete their personal targets.
  • Rewards: Student progress is rewarded by completing fun game-like activities that then unlock new games, characters and magical worlds.
  • Development: After completing initial targets, students are reassessed, and new targets are set. Students continue working through the ten islands rapidly developing essential reading & spelling skills, whilst having fun!
  • Strategies: Within the animations, Nessy embeds memory strategies that help students encode important rules.


“Let everyone know that I think Nessy is wonderful! We have used it in so many ways!
The kids love it because of the games and funny characters!
They actually don’t realise that they are learning.”
Christy Harrison


How Often Should Nessy Reading & Spelling Be Used?

The extent to which Nessy is incorporated into the overall learning program will have an impact on the overall learning improvement that results. Nessy Learning recommends three approaches to the implementation within a school program.

These are:


      • One 60 minute lesson per week. (Tier 3 general curriculum)


      • 30 minutes twice a week or 20 minutes three times a week (Tier 2 supplemental classroom support)


    • 20 minutes every day or 30 minutes three times per week (Tier 1 intensive instruction)

We recommend a minimum of 40 minutes a week, however to see the best progress and results 90 minutes a week is optimal.



Nessy Learning conducts ongoing independent research into all its products. Learn more about the research indicating that Nessy Reading & Spelling accelerates learning for struggling readers.


Research evidence finds Nessy Reading & Spelling effective!


Trusted Credentials

  • Helping children with dyslexia since 1999.
  • Developed at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre.
  • Used in 10,000 schools worldwide.
  • Winner of the Education Resources Award.
  • Research-proven.


‘Nessy has proved a wonderful resource, and has enabled the island to become dyslexia friendly’
Wendy Hurford MBE, Director of Special Education for Jersey



Technical Requirements & Support

  • Robust broadband internet connection.
  • Compatible with most mobile devices. iPad Mini and devices older than the Samsung Tab4 or iPad 4 are not supported
  • Chrome or Safari browser recommended. Not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Digital User Guide available on the Nessy website provides detailed feature and function information from program start-up to student reporting. This invaluable resource is continually updated to reflect the latest changes made to the program. In addition to the guide, Nessy maintains a library of training videos and webinars to support teachers and administrators.


Need help getting started?



    • Read the userguide here





“It’s a brilliant program, I had failed with every other intervention.
– Lucy McGann, Parent

“Your product is fantastic. I love it for my students. As a dyslexia specialist, it is one of the most effective curricula that I have ever implemented with students.”
– Tiffany Miller, Structured Literacy Teacher & Education Specialist

“I can’t express strongly enough how much we appreciate your program and what it has done for my daughter. When starting your program, my daughter read at a beginning 2nd grade level, 2 years behind her actual grade level. We pulled her out of public school, began homeschooling and used your program daily. In less than a year, my daughter is now reading at a 5th grade level, her current grade level.”
– Crystal Lovato, Mother

“If you want your kids to be happier while they are learning then go to When we are working on assignments and some kids finish early they can go on Your kids can get better grades. Today I learned words with “or”. I really like Nessy and learn a lot from it.”
– Abygail, Child

““It was more extensive and inclusive than any other product I purchased and responsible for 100% of our reading success. “It was the single most valuable product I could have come across. This program is impossible to fail. You basically have to NOT do it”
– Gail Camenzind, Homeschooler


Key Features

  • 10 islands
  • 100 lessons
  • 1000+ worksheets
  • 45 animated strategies
  • Learn prefixes and suffixes
  • Mnemonic spelling strategies
  • Sets learning objectives
  • Easy to use

Nessy Reading & Spelling – 3 month summer pack

£10.00 for 3 months

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