Help for Your Struggling Reader: A Review of Nessy Learning Online

Teacher turned homeschool tutor, Susan, blogs at The Sparrow’s Home about homeschooling, family, healing and life. Recently she tried Nessy’s Parent Pack with 5 of her students and wrote about her experiences using a program specifically designed for struggling learners.


My Gifted Child Can’t Read

help learn to spell

Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic shares reading and writing tips, contemplation on motherhood and homeschooling commiserations in her blog. She recently tried Nessy Reading & Spelling for the first time and shared her – and her daughter B’s – experiences.


Richard Branson – Famous People with Dyslexia

dyslexic celebrities

In celebration of Richard Branson’s 67th birthday we take a quick look at how he got to where he is today, the impact of his dyslexia and his new charity aimed at supporting and providing early identification for those with dyslexia.


Nessy Reading & Spelling – Understanding Admin & Reports

Nessy’s admin & reports section is jam-packed with loads of useful information to help you track your student’s progress, see what they’re working on, download resources and more.