Spring Fever Saver: Online Reading & Spelling Program

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In a new post on her blog, Mum Alicia Hutchinson, has recently shared her experience with Nessy Reading & Spelling and why it is useful for children and their parents.


Alicia explains that when spring comes, she believes that it becomes harder for our children to concentrate, so she found this program very useful at re-jigging her children’s memory. She breaks down how the learning program works and compliments the range of games, quizzes and printouts available in just one program.


“…it really does look like a game. I promise, your kids will never know they’re actually doing school.”

learning to read over summer


Alicia’s post marvels at the ease of logging in to Nessy and how painless it was for her children to pick up spelling and tips from the program.


“It’s that simple, and insanely effective. Two of my favorite things.”


She also offers an insight into the admin section of the Nessy Reading and Learning program, which allows parents to go track their child’s progress and says that this is particularly helpful when homeschooling her children.


“You’ll be able to see where your child might be struggling more and hone in on those areas or just be aware of them for future reference.”


“I love working with companies that think OUTside the box, and Nessy does just that.”


Her blog also includes many other helpful tips for homeschooling your children, so be sure to check it out! Read her post here and check out more about Nessy Reading and Spelling here.